Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blab! art show.....beach art museum

kudos to a great show and a super cool catalogue featuring art from Blab! from the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art which featured several fine pieces from our collection! info at

try to get the rocks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ashley wood NEWS

shhhhhh. there's gonna be a big online show of ASHLEY WOOD art at my gallery sometime in January. on view by appointment only.
with many important pieces from the recent 48 MORE NUDES book. gorgeous oil paintings and pen & ink to die for. plus some recent projects like Hellspawn, and World War Robot.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

jerry lewis holocaust film. uh huh?

in 1972 Jerry Lewis finished a french/swedish holocaust film called Tears of the Clown. He played the part of the clown who had displeased Hitler and found himself on the fast track to Auschwitz. This bum ticket was on a train filled with children also en route to the big A.
The clown tries to amuse and distract this terrified group of children who're going straight to the gas chambers.

Sounds like a good idea for a film right? To the french it did...many things sound good to the French and one of those inexplicable things is Mr. Louis himself.

Now before you tangle yourself in the absurdity of this true farce, keep in mind the film was never released. Wise me thinks. So the French are smarter than they look? Apparantly so.

The American cottage industry of ridiculing the French love affair with Mr. Lewis, doesn't even need this little stinky brown nugget of info. But it gets you wondering what might have been? If only....

Fast forward to 1997 and a certain lovable Italian comedian wins an Oscar for best actor in Life is Beautiful. hmmmm? A film where a comedian tries to use his physical brand of humor to distract and ultimately save the life of his son in a Nazi death camp.

One movie destined to be ridiculed...the other destined for international success and Academy award fame.


micah brought in the 1st toth zorro comic. a nice dell 10 center. the smell of old comix, coupled with an artist who was WAY to good for this book (but obviously loved the character) made my day.
the color was aweful...but part of the experience. the whole time i carefully flipped thru the book i kept imagining the originals.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

dinner with spain

i am a lucky dude. underground art legend Spain Rodriguez was in town, and he stopped by the gallery and hung out, and then we went to Grimaldi's pizzeria for dinner. Spain had a great sketchbook on hand and i did my best to not drool all over it. Such a fun evening, he's got the best stories to tell. and i love to listen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

desert island 12/6 kramer's ergot book signing

great line up of artists signing this SATURDAY nite
info at
Desert Island
540 Metropolitan
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 388-5087
open noon - 9 p.m.
closed mondays


reading is "mental"

just got a great batch of Zero Zero comix.
the comix anthology put out by Fantagraphics way back when.
Art and stories by Kim Deitch, Richard Sala, Dave Cooper, Glenn Head, Stephane Blanquet, Skip Williamson, Ted Stearn, Max Anderson......and on and on.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The National

um, that's the name of the Comic Con i did this weekend. you gotta love the guys that put on this show old friend Mike Carbonaro & his pardner Brian Schutzer.

Mike's a character from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back, and kinda got me started in the comic book biz about 20 years ago (but THAT's another story). Brian's cool too, and he picked up something realllllllly special from me this weekend.

this is a throw back con to the old days, and i did it up proper with stacks of art on the table.
too bad there weren't more people to wheel and deal with. i had a very good result at the show and managed to score some great stacks of underground comix, as well as some nice art.

Lena (my daughter) made a killing selling bottled water...and a few of her old books and toys.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

scott news

i'm finally getting to finish a book! non comix/graphic novel book!!! yeah, i actually read books without pictures...funny huh??
it's called Infamous Scribblers by Eric Burns. i bought this book almost 2 years ago after seeing the author interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.
it's a great book about the origins of American journalism and the history it distorted and or reported in the earliest history of our country.


2009 art schedule is starting to form up!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Matt Leines at Desert Island comics PLUG!!!

540 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn NY 11211 718.388.5087
You Are Forgiven by Matt Leines
Book Release and Signing
Friday, October 24th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Avenue,
You Are Forgiven, the first monograph by
renowned artist Matt Leines, is a lavish
hardcover book featuring more than 100
color illustrations and including an
introduction by art legend Gary Panter and
an essay by Taylor McKimens. A limited
edition silkscreen print will also be released
at the event. Leines will be signing both the
book and print.
You Are Forgiven provides a vivid retrospective of the past several years of Leines’ detailobsessed
and process-driven work. Through his graphic and illustrative techniques, Leines
blends imagery from his suburban American youth with iconographic visual traditions from
far-flung civilizations and traditions, creating a highly original, modern psychedelic stew. You
Are Forgiven offers an in-depth look into the world of Matt Leines, beautifully assembling his
diverse and intricate body of work into a lavish hardcover book.
“… Matt is mapping the collective art of a none-existent tribe in a no-mans-land far away. Exotic and
invincible. A magnanimous people, yet possessed of a fierce and independent spirit, forged and
tempered by age after age of adversity or calm, calamity and advantage. Centuries of plenty and eons
of famine – everlasting warfare and subterfuge. Maybe he will tell us everything about these nations
and maybe not. Yet, we can learn much about them by observing the artifacts produced by so great
and tenacious peoples.”
Gary Panter
“… Matt is relentlessly inventing extraordinary characters and the scenarios that envelop them. The
imagery has the strangely familiar look of medieval or archaic artwork. But as much as it appears to
have been unearthed in some archeological dig in the ruins of an ancient lost civilization wrought with
mysterious powers and gods, very little of it is directly referencing any specific historical artworks or
imagery. The intricate line work and patterning lends a timeless quality which is then shaken up by a
clash with subject matter that seems to reference multiple times and dimensions.”
Taylor McKimens
PUBLISHED BY: Free News Projects
FORMAT: Hardback, 9.5 x 10.925 in. / 144 pgs / 125 color.
ISBN: 978-0977652358 PUBLICATION DATE: 10/15/2008 PRICE: $45.00

Saturday, October 18, 2008

when bad is GOOD?...cinema

you know when you watch a movie and it's SOOOO BAD that's funny and then kind of entertaining. Well i'm watching a film on the Sci Fi channel (that ought to tell you something right there!) called Pterodactl. But more on this in a moment for i must digress for a bit. Bad movies are often the norm, and for one reason or another we graviatate to some of them. most often they're sequels of decent films, and i have my own bad films that i love...

1-the Omen 2. teenage damian!!...what more could you ask for? when i saw this in the movies (yes i'm THAT old) i was very dissapointed as i thought the Omen was awesome (yes i saw that film when it came out too, and YES i'm really THAT old). i mean you can see every character getting offed from a mile away so there's no shock to any of it. but after many viewings on t.v. i love this film, and will watch any part of it if it's on t.v. BUT then there's the omen 3!! and now we enter into a realm of luridly delecious and completely HORRENDOUS film making! staring the youngish Sam Neill (of Jurasic Park fame) as a grown up Damian. THIS MOVIE SUCKS SO MUCH, and is SO OFFENSIVE that again, it's quite good because like badly dubbed Shaw Bros Kung Fu flix, it's FUNNY. 1 word...the way Damian whines to a wooden jesus on a cross and calls him (that word) Nazzerine! Bad. VERY BAD. and ooooooh so funny.

2-The Substitute (only the bad sequels starring a hard up Treat Williams...#'s 2-4?). I love these films. He plays a smug ex vietnam (how original!!!) vet killer as a substitute high-school teacher, giving in school and after school wupass to unruly school bullies.

**there are toooooo many bad films that i like, so i'll just stop here.

but then there's Pterodactl. i'm not sure if anybody should see this movie. premiss: scientists (no known actors...and none with any talent) and their students discover Pterodactls on some island somewhere. ok, bad enough, but it gets better, i mean worse. the big name in this movie?: Coolio.
he's a bad ass (right?) soldier hunting down a Turkish terrorist (or something like that). But the soldiers he's with are assholes. um, something like that. and then there's a cute blond bimbo, a nerdy science geek or 3, and pathetic soldiers, and the ABSOLUTE WORST CGI stuff i've ever seen. Pterodactls thankfully kill most of the actors!!!! coolio dies in a blaze of glory, and the only 2 cool characters survive. lots of horrible acting. lots of horrible special effects. and the story ends with the hero kissing his girlfriend...and then pan to a whole new clutch of eggs and a big T Rex or something. THE END.

i watched this whole piece shit, just to confirm it's consistency of excremental greatness...and it was as i hoped. shitty to the end.
you could write a book about bad film making with this movie as the prototype for all time. study frame by frame, and there you have it! the blueprint for BAD film making. Thank you Sci Fi channel. thank you!!!!!!! *this was a made for tv movie. so i'm not sure if it deserves as much mention as i've given it?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

italian masters and beyond

a great big THANKS to all the artists, collectors, friends and family who helped make the opening last friday night such a fun evening! First-timers Ben Katchor, Chris Claremont, Gina Gagliano (first second books), Martina & Frank from MF Gallery!, Danijel Zezelj, and everyone else who's names i can't recall.

biggest thanks to Claudio from Napoli comicon. he's my buddy, and he really helped hook this show up! to his lovely girlfriend Gisele ...we had a fine meal together!

so, i was pretty preoccupied during the week leading up to the show, and of course quite exhausted after the show ended.

new stuff to report like my fun visit to the offices of First Second books and yes....talks are in motion towards a cool group show featuring many of their author artists!! Big cheers to Gina and Calista!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

poker on the brain

walkin down bridge st. on route to my gallery and i bump in to pro poker player Billy Gazes. i recognized him from his appearances on the world series poker tour.
very nice guy, he chatted and came by to check out the art in the gallery.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the knicks. WHY??

once, way back when i was a loyal NY Knicks basketball fan. I knew a lot about the team, and cared deeply about the future of the team. Every year the season would begin with hope anew...would the new rookies workout? would the trades mesh with the team...would the new coach help? would, would, would i now care if i could?

I grew up a stones throw from Madison Sq Garden, and used to go to many Knicks games as a kid. I would sneak in, bogue tickets from people with xtras, and sometimes i'd pay a scalper after the game started and get the tix for $5 each. We would sit in the nosebleed seats and move down to within the first 10 rows. and NOBODY made as much noise screaming and whistling as much as my friends and i did! i even hung out after the game as a young teen to get autographs! man i loved those days! Ray Williams, Toby Knight, Bill Cartwright and Sugar Ray Richardson.

So what the F##K happened to my beloved knicks? Well it's not a simple thing that led to the demise of this storied club which hasn't won a NBA championship in 35 years despite having the highest salary of any team for years and years!!!! and if you really want to know, you could start with the ownership of the team Jim Dolan. and then you could read any article you want to find on the internet and you'll find a trail of reasons starting with the point guard Stephan Marbury (the self dubbed "starbury"), and going back to Isiah Thomas (former losing coach and convicted sexual harasser) to overpaid players & overpaid players who don't even play (injuries), and on and on till you're blue in the face. Remember Patrick Ewing? The heart of the team, the team leader. remember the disgraceful treatment he got??? maybe that was the beginning of the end? Anyway a losing culture and a hang-dog, slumped shoulder lack of confidence has been following this team around game after game stinking up the arenas they play in for years now. Always losing close games, always losing a lead with a few minutes left until i couldn't hurt anymore. and i stopped caring.

so now a new season begins, with a new coach, and what do i care? the soap opera of this team begins before a single regular season game begins with hooplah around "starbury" and his not accepting a buyout of his final year contract...sure he wants the full money he's owed (spites's a good enuf reason at this point) and it's even tho neither he or the team wants him to stay in NY anymore. great way to start off the season.

the whole team will be lookin down at the floor, their sneakers, the anything down below eye level where your eyes belong when you know the shame of being a NY Knick.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

this week's reading list & MORE

i have sooooooooo many books to read. i've got a mostly insane backlog of required reading some of which is simply re-reading, like the Black Hole in the beautiful hard bound edition put out by Pantheon.

But then there's the Lambiek Almanac 1968-1993. a 25th anniversary publication and scholarly work encompassing the life of this legendary comic book shop in Amsterdam. So many great artists did all kinds of cool ad , poster, and promotional work for them over the years. i picked it up on my last trip to Amsterdam back in June. So many great memories come flooding back when i read this awesome publication. Like my brother Klaas!!! and the art deals i did with Lambiek. and hangin out and drinkin and??? in the shop!@!!. The great Peter Pontiac Reviews i got there, and the amazing place it self tucked away on the kerkestraat. They're having the 40th anniversary for Lambiek in November. hmmmmm? i want to be there! we'll see!!!

Lastly big props to my bud Tim Lane for the publication of Abandoned Cars. Collecting his comix and strip art into a beautiful hardbound edition. i've been reading it and loving the art and stories.

you gotta love stacks of books!!! Every time i clean up a bit, i find a book and start reading.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

who is SONNY FORTUNE !! ??

is Sonny Fortune a super hero?
a classic private eye?

great name to be sure for all of the above,
but mister Fortune doesn't blow away bad guys....he blows into wind instruments and is one of the greatest living horn players.
i got to see mister Fortune's quartet play last nite at the Sweet Rhythm club in the west village (site of the old sweet basil club), with my old buddy (and avid jazz connosieur) Pauly Sheffron.
we started the evening off with some bbq action at Hill Country (one of the city's premiere joints...and they had short ribs on the menu!!!) anyway fastforward to hangin out in the village (pre-show) at the bar Kettle for a beer and to watch the Mets meltdown en route to another late season bailout. then we headed to the club. when Pauly tells me a guy is his favorite sax player, I LISTEN. so i was in good spirits to see Sonny play. he did not dissapoint. This is a guy who's played with Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Mongo Santamaria and countless others. Just as anyone would be proud to say they've played even one of those guys, there are i'm sure gazillions of musicians who'd be equally proud to have played with Sonny. Sonny is a master Sax player (soprano, alto, and more) but he's also a brilliant flautist. and so we were treated to original compositions along with wonder versions of standards. We stayed for 2 sets and it was amazing.
for more about Sonny Fortune go to

the fact that my buddy Pauly is friends with Sonny is nice too as he's very friendly and it was nice to shake hands with a jazz legend.

they're playing again tonite at Sweet check them out if you can.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

work work work

getting the posters and postcards printed, writing press the press release, and taking the art to the framer. what? YES!!! i've had some of the art in my hands. but not all of it! giandelli, corona, fior, and liberatore.
it's gettin awefully close, i hope i get the rest of the art in time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

italian ART DAY!!!!

i got a nice batch of art today!!!
pencil layouts/roughs from Liberatore's Batman Black & White.
A great Frida Kahlo portrait by Igort.
Manuele Fior's gorgeous watercolors.
Marco Corona's crazy cool cover paintings.
Plus awesome Gabriella Giandelli's line art, and Andrea Bruno's work!!!

scans, and framing in the works!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


did you know i love music?
as a kid i played clarinet in the elementary school orchestra and in the stage band orchestra of my junior high school....and was i good!!!? not really. but i wasn't bad either. all this time i was taking piano lessons. kinda boring classical, with a touch of ragtime at the end, but no interesting jazz. the academic side of piano lessons kinda turned me off. fast forward to my college years and i started to learn some guitar from my friends who ever would teach me a chord or 2 and then found my greatest interest in bass guitar. back then my dream was to be the jimi hendrix of electric bass. yep. i dreamed that. luckily for you and many others that dream never came true. can you imagine jimi on bass? boring!!! anyhoo, i loved funk, r & b, and jass fusion where it was combined with those kinds of music. i've kinda let the music thing slide, and keep hoping to upgrade my computer system and get the whole home recording music studio thing going again eventually. remember the old tascam 4 track studio?? i had one! remember the first early drum machines? the TR 808 ?? i had one. ahhhhhhh the good old days! speaking of those good old days.....

*my first favorite song?: Dancing machine by the Jackson 5. *my first album?: Honey by the Ohio Players! *first fav hard rock band?: Led Zep. *favorite bass player of all time?: Jaco Pastorius. *Musicians i'm most grateful for having the chance to see them live?: Jaco, James Brown, Zappa, Michael Brecker, Miles Davis, Freddie Mercury with Queen (1977), the recently passed Hiram Bullock. *people i wished i coulda seen live?: Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Parker.

so, why am i thinkin about music? besides listening to music everyday and ALWAYS looking for new bands and music genres to explore...i can get into that later, lets just say one thing i enjoy is the new york alt music scene. Thing is i'm reading a GREAT BOOK called "Musical Legends" by the legendary underground artist JUSTIN GREEN. put out by Last Gasp publishing it collects all his work published in Pulse Magazine! I highly recommend it! today thanks to that book i enjoyed listening to Louis Jordan, an early influence on the godfather of soul James Brown.

perk up those ears, and open those eyes and run out and git urself a copy of Musical Legends. u won't regret it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

mma w(rap)

some good fights last weekend...aaaaaaaaaaand sum duds!
nate the great looked uh...great. fast that was.
i liked the korean guy (dong kim), but man he needs some conditioning. he was like a monkey climbin on the back of brown.
the brazilian guy palhares looks like a true beast buuuuut where's the striking? zero. when that aspect of his game improves, he's gonna punish a lot of fighters. dan henderson won, but by a slim margin in my book. still, it was a good fight for him. good to see a legend get a long overdue ufc win.
for me the big question mark of the night was franklin vs hamill. this was a great striker vs a great wrestler. ?? i love hamill, guy's got a lotta heart, remember when he KICKED bisping's ass...but was robbed? i expected the match to go to the ground at some point. the only way to negate a striker is to take him to the ground. that's elementary. so why no wrestling? answer: conspiracy! somebody said: keep this a standup fight. no other explanation. hamill's a decent striker but not in franklin's class. but few guys are better at taking guys to the mat than hamill. we'll never know the truth

and then lidell vs evans. surprise? NOT. i know something about boxing. you keep your hands UP after throwin punches. it's an amateur mistake. i'm sure lidell will continue to draw people to fights (like tyson did post ear munching, post jail, post insanity)...but for how long? btw did you see him play poker on tv at the world series of poker main event? YIKES!!! thank god he's a better mma guy...same result tho, amateur moves lead to knockouts!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

italian ART show line-up!!

wow. it's a true italian MASTERS show and it's happening at the Scott Eder Gallery in early October:
Tanino Liberatore, Lorenzo Mattotti, Milo Manara, Igort, Sergio Toppi, Gipi, Manuelle Fior, Marco Corona, Andrea Bruno, and Gabriella Giandelli !!!

a DREAM group show.

Friday, September 5, 2008

why nyc?

because there's always stuff to do!

take tonite: the opening party for the Charles Burns show at the Adam Baumgold gallery! A great opportunity to more Charles Burns art in one public place than you're likely to see anywhere ever. A great mix of work dating back to his Raw days and on upward to the fanta graphic Dog Boy & Skin Deep work. i'm VERY excited.

also this evening the private preview for lowbrow artiste Camille Rose Garcia at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

where's my money? oh yeah. spent it all.


Monday, August 18, 2008


seriously tho, i love the olympics. 1 word: Phelps (is that a word?), 100m dash (that's what it was called when i went to elementary school), gymnastics (cept for the convoluted scoring), and boxing (usually), and wrestling, decatholon. but there are numerous other events in the Oh!Limp-Icks, which belong there, but not in the Olympics. let's get a petition goin or something, in this order:
1- equestrian. riding a fuckin horse?? i know it's's driving a ups truck! and those guys and gals have to carry our heavy frickin packs!!! at least when they do that jumping obstacle course there's the chance that someone will fall, but what's with those stupid hats?? more importantly there's the "dressage" event. Yay (can i lisp gayly when saying yay?). pretty horsies prancin and dancing here and there. oh look at that sweet lil pony!!! he's just so precious! there's only one way this would be legit: put the fuckin judges under the horses and let them dance on them! the end.
2- shooting! give me a fuckin break. there's a lot wrong here. mainly they're usin air guns and air rifles!@! oooooh i hope i hit da bullseye! there's a fuckin gold medal for this??? it's quite simple how they can legitimize these events: would somebody please give me the AK47?? where's the fuckin bazooka??? say hello to my lil friend? gimmie an UZI puhleeze. i'm not inta huntin furry animals but at least that would be skillful...stuff movin, jumpin, TRYING not to get shot!!! try shooting a nyc RAT!!!! that's worthy of a gold medal!!! how bout a nyc cockroach from 100 yrds!!! and no one will miss'm. but this is really what we need: a dirty harry competition where they shoot at mugger that's da shit! magnum's, glocks, etc. tiebreak goes to the peeps who do it hong kong style! western style dueling. 10 paces. or the sniper competition. lastly after those sports have been established i'd like to introduce the ghetto drive by competition! special xtra points given for the kind of ride used and whether the rims kept spinnin as they sped off! points deducted for innocents and peeps not wherein colors.
3- ping pong. PING PONG??? the game played in moldy basements, garages, and in rec centers??? no. NO fuckin way. and there ain't a thing that could be done to make this worthy of giving out medals for. well, maybe one thing. if it's a death match. i'll buy the pay per view ticket for that!!!
4- yacht racing. if it isn't bad enough these mofo's have and get to ride in yachts!!! but then they get a medal for it. it's just wrong i tell you.
5- canooing. are we really THAT desperate. row you mutherfuckers...right off a cliff. and you skulling folks follow them!
6- badminton. maybe if they were naked? then it would be funny. no way badminton is olympics material. can you picture the ancient greeks comin home from epic battles and being entertained by badminton?
7-archery. only one way this works. apple on top of the head. make that the head of the world archery association (if there is one).
8- synchronized diving. it's just gay. sorry. at least the synch swimming is something to laff about. do men synch swim? real men? i doubt it.
9- field hockey. ice hockey's enuf.
10- handball. not the kinda handball played by everyone in the world with a wall and a ball. the kind that is like a weird euro version of soccer and b ball. who plays this shit? oh yeah. some dudes in europe.
11- track cycling, all events except for the mano a mano.
12- softball. the chicks throw awefully hard (i'm sure i wouldn't touch the ball), but if i can stand watching more than 1 pitch... fuck me.
13- rythmic gymnastics. it's too easy to make fun of. but thank god it's only hot chicks (mostly) and no dudes. do you think there's a dude petitioning the commitee to let men do it?

honorable mention:
the penalty box in water polo...could anything be funnier or sadder at the same time? and those funny baby bonnets they wear! plus those dudes are fat. maybe they float better that way?

since that crap is in the olympics it's just the crime of the century that these "sports/events" aren't added immediately:
arm wrestling, thumb wrestling, mud wrestling, pool, bowling, shuffleboard (warm curling), nascar, wife carrying race, potato sack racing, dunking for apples, greased watermellon comp, punch for punch, chicken (with cars), jousting, scully, jump rope (double dutch only), pogo stick, tag, ringaleevio (sp?), darts, musical chairs, hot potato, hot dog & oyster eating, flinch, rollercoaster riding, and rock skipping.

serious sports which SHOULD be added:
all X game stuff, mma.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

california wrap (short)

it's time to leave the sunny west coast! it's early morn here at my kid bro evan's pad in the hollywood hills. off to the airport in 30 minutes. just finished an 8 day camping trip, and before that a few days at the beach in beautiful del mar, and of course starting this long trip with the san diego comic con...nearly 3 weeks ago!
major trip details and reports comin your way in the next few weeks with pics!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

san diego (w)rap

it's over. another s.d. con is in the bag! i'm still out here in cali, following the end of the show we stayed an xtra 5 days in Del Mar, enjoying the best surf imaginable. i'm tan, stoked, and reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady for our 8 day camping trip!!!

back to the con. it's really amazing how difficult it is to get ready for the show and then to do it. i spent a shitload of money just on shipping art! anyway it was my best set up to date. tons of gorgeous art on view. and even tho i have two 10x10 ft booths, it wasn't nearly enough space for soooo many excellent artists work. i'm aiming for 3 booths next year, and a new location!!! yep, i'm tired of treking all the way down to mexico to just see artist alley or the other stuff i like on that end. many of the old dealers from this area have already decamped, so now it's my turn.

Ashley Wood hooked me up with an incredible batch of art for the show the highlight of which was his WORLD WAR ROBOT paintings. lotsa fans came out and drooled over the art and quite a few lucky ones walked away with the original art! the premiere of our huge limited edition (50) signed and #'d silkscreen was also a great success. a few still remain, sooooo don't miss out.

it was very cool to meet and greet old and new fans, friends, customers, and peers.

and nothing would be complete without the great meals every nite in the many places we know about. awesome mexican, vietnamese, chinese, sichuan, japanese, and japanese bbq. we stuffed ourselves plenty!

finally there's the great san diego con poker tourney. last year i finished 3rd out of 60. $750 prize.
i had to represent again as a final tabler, and represent i did. new york style!! by sharing 1st place with nick barucci (we both cashed $1400 each, but i got the 1st place trophy for taking the heads up hand we played). major props to my home game player Kristen Robinson who came 3rd. way to go K!! and the only woman in the tourney to boot!

and now....we head off for 8 days of camping along the glorious kern river. fishing, hiking, swimming, and cookin out every day with my family and friends! what could be better? we have a first timer joining us this camping trip, from west longbranch new jersey: rob brown with son grant & daughter skyler.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


in brief. looooong previous 24 hrs. frantic packing, little sleep, and a long travel day (without any hitches). had a great vietnamese meal at phuong trang, and slept like a brick! best nite's sleep inna long time. staying in secret location near the beach!
woke up and went to the farmer's market in Hillcrest with my wife marcia and daughter lena. got some exquisite fruit, tasted some awesome food, and enjoyed the sights and crafts and lamented not being able to buy more food like the MOST awesome artichokes i've EVER seen.

then had lunch at our favorite dim sum restaurant: Jasmine. ordered way too much. but that's the eder way!
got some coffee and did some sneaker and clothes shopping. ended the afternoon at the beach.
off for dinner now.
ta ta!

Friday, July 18, 2008

san diego BOUND !!!

it's been a while last report!
that's because i'm totally insane with sh!t to do before leaving for the CON!!!
all i can say is: I'm bringing the mother lode of art. all kindsa great masterpieces.
i'm packing now and have been workin like a lunatic for what seems like endless days and nites now. our flight tomorrow was canceled and we found out today. so we opted for an earlier flight.
so now i gotta double bust my butt to get everything to fedex today!!!!
why am i writing???? back to work for me!

can't wait to report to you from san diego.
shortly my brothers and sisters.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

jeffrey brown & mma & me ???

jeffrey brown, mma, ???
mixed martial arts!
j.b's a fan. so am i. just found out about his interest by lookin at the Top Shelf 2008 sampler. low and behold in the latest enstallment of SULK .. Jeff is putting his spin on MMA !!! arm bars, full mount, side guard and all!!!

now i know 3 people who like mma!!!
only 2 of the 3 actually like comics.
must be why i know no one into mma.
comics and mma don't necessarily go together.

my favorite things to see in mma:
a fighter who's had his ass kicked, hang in there and find the submission to steal the fight!
knockout's by kicks.
body shot knockout.
wicked throws.
creative submissions.
smiling after taking a good shot.
good sportsmanship.
good refs who know when to stop the fight.
a good chin.
smaller guys beating the bigger guy.
beating the trash talker.
english fans, and their fondness for the sport.
avenging a loss
prefight excitement
tuff chicks
brazilian fighters.
putting someone to sleep with the legs only! any sleeper hold is nice tho
guy asked to stand up cuz his ground game is too tuff for the guy who put him on the ground

least favorite things:
guys sleeping on each other. wake me and them up please!
leaning against the cage too long.
and whining that you didn't tap out. shut up! you know your arm was gonna get snapped.
gloating after the win. a little happiness and dancing around is ok. but chill dude!
guys who get winded too soon.
bad decisions: bisping over hamill. no fuckin way bisping won that fight
french canadian fighters who don't speak english. ur in north america. speak english!
tight shorts. yuck.
not avenging a loss: lidell vs rampage jackson 2
when guys are tentative for more than 1 minute. fuckin bang already.
fans booing a great technical fight on the ground.
fights stopped because of cuts
not making the weight
guys too tired from making the weight
fat guys who don't win
how much champs make. NOT ENUFF

my favorite fighters in mma ?:
nick diaz (u wanna get in the ring with this guy...are you fuckin nuts?...his bro nate is great too)
mac danzig (but he doesn't fight enuf)
urijah faber (this guy is the best in the world at his weight)
b.j. penn (a legend, and a current ufc champ, hawaii rules)
jens pulver (another legend)
forrest griffen (current ufc champ)
fedor emelianenko (i'd give my left nut to see this guy fight in the ufc, or anything other than pride...his brother's pretty mean too)
gray maynard (nick name the bully: in a sport with a bunch of bullies that's pretty much saying something)
josh koscheck (tuff fighter. i like him a lot).
cung lee (best kickboxer on the planet for his weight class)
randy couture
spencer fisher
kenny florian
chris horodecki (the polish hammer)
roger huerta (shouldn't wear those small shorts tho)
keith jardine (the kinda red neck you need as your friend)
chuck lidell (take notes on forrest griffen's decision over quentin jackson)
karo parisyan (judo throws rock)
joe stevenson ( a lotta heart, good showing after he took a big beat down from b.j. penn)
matt serra (you gotta love a tuff new yorker complete with long island accent)
george st. pierre (baggy shorts please...tremendous fighter)
matt hughes (a legend...i could live with out the jesus stuff tho. no we can't all pray together)
frank & ken shamrock
anderson silva (i'm curious who'll find a way to beat this's not gonna be easy)
brandon vera
BRAZILIAN fighters. too many to list. they're all tuff.
JAPANESE fighters. fun to watch

the scum also rises

the title of a comix art anthology of SKIP WILLIAMSON's art.
fuckin A.
guess what?
this legend of the underground comix scene, original contributer to Bijou Comix, and numerous other projects thru his lifetime will be havin a big ole gallery show with us in APRIL!!!! he paints his ass off plus he's a living art master, and you must bow down! and hopefully joining him will be a special buddy and fellow Bijou artist and underground master as well JAY LYNCH!!!!

i'll be exhibiting great art by Skip at the San Diego comic con.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

san diego comic con news!!!

more crazy special art to surprise you at comic con!!!
delectable paintings by JIM WOODRING.
secrets from the vault of my/marcia's PRIVATE collection!
Thomas Ott art!!!

let it be known....ashley will be hangin about every now and then at the booth.
shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


wow. at the brooklyn museum and ending soon :-(.
not sure if i've ever seen a show quite like this. art in the lobby, and 2 full floors of art!!! models, anime, wall paper, paintings of all sizes. Murakami's impact on the fine art world is truely a phenomenon. it's easy to see how many artists have direct influence. he straddles the wall between high & low art like no other artist i've seen. and unlike the giants of pop art in the 60's/70's Murakami is genuine part of the medium he draws his influence from (manga). and if seeing giant rooms wall papered with his trademark images and huge paintings that made my mouth water with envy and jealousy (i want one!!!!) wasn't enough, there was the gift shop with every conceiveable item packaged like only the japanese know how to do. i hope this is a travelling show...i didn't check. if not, you better hurry to catch it before it goes!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

more things i like

as if there wasn't enuf to love about this city...
1- MOMA. ok, lotsa great art. but did you know each admission gets you in to their movie theatre? tonite i'm going with my wife Marcia, and daughter Lena to see Woody Allen's SLEEPER !!!
how cool is that?
2- Swiss published magazine about comics STRAPAZIN
3-Chunklet presents THE OVERATED book. everything you want to say or can't believe someone else would say it about overated rockers, artists, movies, etc.
4- Masala Dosai. south side of washington square park. a guy makes them fresh at his cart. for those of you who don't know it's a sort of lentil flour crepe with spiced potatoes and home made coconut chutney on the side. it's UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!! great, now i'll have to wait even longer in line! oh yeah, it's south indian cuisine...totally veggie.
5- biking in nyc at nite
6- Art News' 200 biggest collectors. it's like a roadside accident, you can't help but slow down to see it. who are these people? why aren't they buying comic book art? from me???? !!!
7- people who talk SO loudly on the subway that you can't concentrate on what you're reading.
do you seriously think i like this??
8- my gallery in dumbo brooklyn....
9- the manhattan bridge. first of all, it's the "real" bridge, not a tourist bridge like the brooklyn bridge. it's industrial, dirty, has better views, and most starts in chinatown!!! and ends in at my gallery ;-)
10- southern california. each year i make my pilgrimage to the san diego comic con! this year booth #415. but in all the time off, i hit the beaches, eat all the crazy great food, hang out with my brother evan, and then go camping in the sierra's !!!! it doesn't get any better.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 things i like

and this isn't in order of best or anything

1-danny hellman's latest comix anthology TYPHON. amazing cast of great artists and story tellers.
2-Lemon Magazine. mainly their tribute issue to Stanley Kubrick. thusly called Clockwork Lemon. this is a fantastic issue.
3-dim sum in nyc
4-great ramen noodle shops, in nyc
5- wall-e ....just saw the latest pixar flick. WOW
6- ROYAL FLUSH magazine. you guys ROCK!!!
7- dave cooper art. i'm a sucker for this guy's genius
8- camping. yep. i'mma nature boy! when i'm not a city slicker
9-clams on the half shell. if you don't eat 'em...ur a punk!
10- vintage fender bass guitars. WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE !!!!
anybody want to trade a vint fender for some art?
**bonus 11- glam rock!!! vain!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

how to make a perfect mexican salsa

what you think i only talk about comic art???
fresh tomatos (no canned), onion, fresh cilantro, lime, salt & pepper to taste, and finally a nice hot pepper. that and's such a great fun way to eat. dippin your chips, only thin missing was a nice beer ...hey it was 11am!!!!! how to mix and dice is my secret tho. which i will reveal for a kind email!!!

on the art front. we're workin hard on the ashley wood special signed limited edition SILKSCREEN PRINT for the san diego comic con. Ashley's so frickin busy, but he's squeezin in all the xtra work. you guys know all about the special BERTIE bot for sale too huh?

it's gonna be a crazy s.d. CON!!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

video of MAHFOOD show available

we have a link on the home page....but for those of you who'r lazy, use the link below produced it, and many cheers and thanks to them for putting it together!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ashley wood news

ashley's premiering the new book WORLD WAR ROBOT history at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON this summer.
but, did you know i'll be showing for sale the ORIGINAL ART from this masterpiece? 20 + crazy cool paintings. the best work he's done to date!!! hell yeah!!
and....we'll be doing a special very limited edition signed silkscreen print, and it'll premiere at the S.D. comic con too!!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hotwire opening party news!

well, a big THANKS to all who braved the rain and came to the opening. Shouts to all our friends, fans and artists who attended!! Glenn Head, Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, Mark Dean Veca, Chadwick Whitehead, & recent nyc transplant Scott Campbell! Wine & beer & snacks kept the party alive. A good time had by all.

I had a great time chatting and getting feedback (and sales) on the art!

come out to the gallery and see the art before it comes down!

Friday, June 13, 2008

it's ALIVE....hotwire is LIVE folks PREVIEW !!!!

that's right. we've been workin day and nite and it's finally here. pricelist, viewing, drooling (optional).

YES !!!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The ART SHOW for the Eisner & Harvey nominated HOTWIRE Comics anthology is having its opening party on June 14th Saturday night at the Scott Eder Gallery in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. This group show will feature an international cast of 18 artists with some of the comic book world's alternative home-run hitters, veterans, and up-and-comers. All types of art and fine art prints will be on display and for sale. Featured in the show: Max Andersson, Ivan Brunetti, Mary Fleener, Matti Hagelberg, Glenn Head, Danny Hellman, Sam Henderson, Tim Lane, David Lasky, Mats!?, Tony Millionaire, David Paleo, Johnny Ryan, David Sandlin, R. Sikoryak, Tobias Tak, Mark DeanVeca, and Chadwick Whitehead.
Contact info:

Monday, June 9, 2008

mocca wrap

day 2 at the mocca con ended with a frenzied dash from book dealer, to artist, to friend to....yeah. it was nutz.

i left with armloads of screenprint books, specialty books, and of course art....
hooked up with paul hornschemeier.

francoise mouilly gave me some well needed tips, and saw my underground legend buds Kim Deitch, and Jay Lynch.

tomorrow...i'll tell you about the special collector's shrine i recently visited. it's a secret. nobody knows. the people who created it don't know. they're crazy maaaaaaaan. !!!! and they're collection rocks.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

mocca !!!!

day 1 at my favorite comic con. saw sooooooo many artists, friends, bought a ton of cool books and specialty screen print books and stuff.
in short order meet & greets: art spiegelman, charles burns, jason, most of the new york hotwire crew (danny hellman, glenn head, and craig yoe, david sandlin), gary panter, travis louie, my boy vincent nguyen, adrian tomine, matt kindt...and saw bob shreck.

i had a great conversation with the museum/show's founder laurence klein. He told wonderful tales of going to comic cons with his dad, and how his dad encouraged him at a young age to collect comic art. and the stories!!! like the time he picked up a Frank Miller cover for $75!!!!

gave out lots of flyers and invites to the HOTWIRE show. what? you thought i wouldn't plug my own show (again) in this blog!!!!

a great day, but sadly slim pickings for kicks in my favorite neighborhood to shop: the broadway layfyette area.

day 2 report tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

european daze

wow, back from the great trip to germany & holland!
the show in ERLANGEN germany rocked. Great art and fans and a lotta biz done. Coming up soon i'll have some art by Swiss scratch board genius THOMAS OTT.

a big hug and shout to the boyz at LAMBIEK in amsterdam! klaas, abel, there a cooler comic shop in the world? i doubt it! i had a blast in the city of canals. biking all day, eating up a story, and ...ahem.

Great GREAT trip.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

ERLANGEN comic salon NEWS....

well, today is the final day of the show. if only there was 36 hrs in a day....
last night we ate at the Kitzmann brewery. a fine meal with "baggers" a local potato pancake, exquisite spargel (asparagus) creme soup, and a fine meat dish with a dark beer reduction. oh yeah...the great Kitzmann Keller bier!!!!!! my fine friends Marc & Spink from Amsterdam, Martina & Giovanni from Milan, and Christoph from Munich were in attendance. thank god they all speak better english than i do german, dutch or italian!!!!!

ok...enuf about food and xtra-cariculars... on to the comic salon news.
always a GREAT show here. there's a fantasic show featuring abunch of artists from china. lots of friends and cool small press books.

big news: THOMAS OTT ....t.o.t.t. yes !!!!!! and i will be bringing some beautiful examples of his master quality scratchboard art to the SAN DIEGO comic con !!!!!

so...there's so much to do and see in the last day....bye

Thursday, May 22, 2008


been in germany now for 24 hrs. all set up at the show...awesome!
most importantly i've consumed a lot of delicious german beer + 2 great meals. saw the end of chelsea vs man u (last nite). alll in alllll a great start to a european trip.

will keep you all posted.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

tim biskup

went to the preview at jonathan levine's gallery the other nite. lots of impressive new work by tim. crazy paintings, and a silk screen with like 56 different colors. which is totally insane. best part of the show was this awesome monster head sculpture.

today my 8 (soon to be 9) year old daughter gave performed in her dance recital at the dance theatre workshop on 19th st.

and i'm dreading the the prep part (of my up coming german comic con in ERLANGEN) and procrastinating way to much about getting ready. yay me!
the consolation prize...??. GERMAN BEER !!! my favorite beer. sooooo, you can be sure i'll be hittin the beer gardens and much great enthusiasm.

the line up for the hotwire show is coing along, most of the artists have sent art ahead so that i can get it all framed before i leave for germany.

oh yeah...i'll be visiting holland (amsterdam) at the end of my trip. great city!
bikes, museums, great food and beer!! can you say niewe haring (sp?). yeah baby, YEAH!

Monday, May 12, 2008

home sweet home...but

it's good to be home but i miss italia! how i didn't put on 30 lbs (or any weight) is a greater mystery than the bermuda triangle! i guess it's a true testiment to power of pounding the pavement.
The trip was awesome. Rome is one of the greatest cities on earth. BIG SHOUT OUT TO my friends at the MONDOPOP gallery in Roma and their crazy cool show about the Mona Lisa. A lot of fine artists participating in the show.

Now on to the crazy crush to bring on the HOTWIRE show! lots of artists are on schedule with getting me their art. we're gonna make another fine VERY affordable screenprint for the show, and a few freebie posters!!!

in 8 days i'll be going to Germany to attend the ERLANGEN comic salon !!!
really looking forward to seeing all the great german & international artists and all my friends in Deutchland!!!
and then a little pitstop to see my buddies in Amsterdam at the end of the trip! yes. i'm THAT lucky.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

italy day 8

sorry for the long time between posts! the show was great, a little heavy on the manga (tons of goofy people in manga costumes), lotsa nice people and friends, good biz, and a great exhibition of art on the roof of the castle. yeah the show's in a frickin castle (castello sant elmo)!! the show featured a tribute to the italian comic book western TEX. plus some amazing exhibitions of MATOTTI & MICHELUZZI. WoooooooooooW. as you can imagine we've been eating splendidly every day. i'm in heaven here. my favorite art, great people, and pompeii and herculaneum!!! again wow.
Today's a big holiday May 1st, so we're takin it easy and just doin local things.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

italy day 1's comin to a close. couldn't have beena better day. got in really early and the room was ready (miracle!!!). dropped our shit off and ran out to see a few local churches, then had pizza lunch at one of the most famous places (happens to be a few blocks away...di matteo). awesome. went home and took a much needed nap. we were all on practically no you can imagine this hit the spot. went for the early evening stroll, and ended up at my fav rest from last time (la cucinotta). pasta con fruti di mare! great wine, great bread...and panecotta for desert.
great meal....went home and now it's time to CRASH hard. show tomorrow early.
i'll keep you all updated.


Monday, April 21, 2008

comic con wrap

wow. and yes...i'm tired.
ciao to all my italian friends (martina & giovanni, and marina & massimo) who came out...we had the massive bbq dinner at hill country on sunday nite! so many other cool people came out. had a lot of fun talkin with tank girl artist Rufus Dayglo!
and a gazillion fans....mmmoi, i love you all!

allain for doing the great trade with me. he got a super cool chris ware jimmy corrigan page, and i got a crazy charles burns cover from the 80's "thrilling defective" plus a mark beyer amy & jordan strip and the kicker was a strip by early new yorker artist gluyas williams!!! thanks to micah for turning me on to him and alerting me to the whereabouts of this art.

all in all so many friends were there and the show was huger and more spectacular than last year!!

leaving for italy i'll keep you updated with con reports and FOOD & ART reports.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

crime of the century!

ashley wood wants to come to the ny comic con.
but those nasty dirt bag piggly wiggly airlines want to charge him $15,000 airfare!!!
those total BASTARDS!!! just cuz he's on the other side of the mofo world!!! and he wants to fly biz class.

i told him to spend it on art..:-)

right now i'm hard art work with a crazy load of art for the show. pricing, bagging, it's gonna be sooooooo f'ing cool!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

new york comic con!!!!!

April 18-20, 2008; Jacob Javits Center New York Comic Con {BOOTH 2509}

i'm busy putting the art together for the show!!! how am i going to squeeze it all in at my booth???

it's gonna be wild.


Friday, April 11, 2008

another week....

plans plans plans. after the New York Comic Con i'm going with my wife & daughter to ITALY !!!! There's a very cool show in Naples. So, aside from all the cool Italian artists and great books i'll see, there's the city itself! birthplace of pizza, the first tailors, and a place caravaggio called home! oh yeah pompeii and herculaneum are near by. i'll be happy as a kid in a candy shop, and up to my eyeballs in art & design...and eating like mad. the food of napoli is incredible! soooooooo, as you can imagine i'm psyched beyond belief!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

new york city comic con EXPLOSION April 18-20, 2008

Yes...mark that date down april 18-20th NYC jacob javitz center, NYC COMIC CON. it's gonna f'n ROCK!!! get your tickets now...20,000+ were turned away at the door over the last 2 shows because they sell out the day tickets!!

i'm gonna bring some ridiculously cool art to this show more info and

what art you say?
Daniel Clowes, Seth, Richard Sala, Phil Hale, Kent Williams, my boy ASHLEY WOOD's craziest masterpieces!!!, Peter Bagge, Dave Cooper, Tony Millionaire, Al Columbia, Skip Williamson, SPAIN, Kim Deitch, Chris Ware, Jeffrey Brown, Joe Matt, Gilbert Hernandez, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Johnny Ryan, Gilbert Shelton, .....and more!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

two words: one name: AL COLUMBIA

i don't need to tell artists about Al Columbia... and i don't need to tell fans of the alt comix about Al either, because few artists touch the realms where his artwork and creative mind have entered. What i will tell you got to hang with Al recently. Like an adoring puppy, i basked in the artnificense of Al. i was privy to the process by which he works. i was in the inner sanctum. i was, in a word: happy.

I found out all about his upcoming masterwork to be published by Fantagraphics. i don't know if i can talk about it so, all i can say is, you better hold on to your socks when this book comes out!

we had a great day. drank too much coffee, and talked about life, art, and projects...and yeah, havin an art show with me.

now that's the shit!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

hotwire artists...and CONFESSIONS OF A FOODIE

more art conspirators: Tim Lane, Chadwick Whitehead, and David Lasky have signed on for our HOTWIRE SHOW!!!!!! yay!
i hate to close the show but i'm running out of space.
so, i'm gonna wait a few more days and then zip it shut.

on to food:
i cook the best steaks. plain and simple. i don't cook 'em plain and simple, i mean i'm the best...plain and simple. i make 'em better than any stupid steak restaurant. yeah peter luger's smith & w, any of 'em. they're not worthy of holding my jock strap. your mouth will experience orgasmic pleasure, and your eyes will roll back in your head as you savor a piece in your mouth. i've seen this happen over and over and....yeah you get the point. although my pork chops are great, i still have some wiggle room for improvement. but when it comes to veal chops, lamb rib (or rack)...i fuckin rock.

while i'm a true blue art fan and devote most of my day to the pursuits of collecting and selling...i'm also a worshiper of art & music, and spectate quite nicely on both subjects. but i'm also a devoted foodie. and that's my hobbie, and dare i art. i go out of my way consistently seeking out the good food and the best ingredients for cooking. i'm a loyal patron of the finest food establishments of the city, as well as a very loyal devotee of the city's premiere farmer's market at union square.

i'm oldschool tho. i'd rather have a dinner somebody's mom or grandma made...then snooty high brow stuff any day. that being said i've been known to inhale a piece of nouvaux sushi with the best of them.

still, the simple pleasures of the best food, freshest ingredients and authentic recipes rule my food world.

when you've tasted something better than a perfectly roasted chicken (from the farmer's market)...let me know. seriously. LET ME KNOW!!!!

email to with comments, rants, challenges, tips, raves, dares, and puffed out chests.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

more artists for the HOTWIRE show

great news, Mary Fleener, Max Andersson, and David Paleo are on board....bringing the total # of artists for the show to 13 and counting.

Mary's gonna try to do one of her cool paintings on velvet. David's from Argentina, and Max is from Sweden, the international contingent grows!!!

Me, i'm happy my kid bro's in town and we're playing way tooooooooo much.
Dinner at Mario Batalli's Otto tonite!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yeah boy!

check out the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine (april). this "low brow" art rag featuring all the latest trendiest and pop surrealyist of characters has a profile on my home boy ASHLEY WOOD. he's in there with a crazy cool painting and his cooliest manifesto on art! pussies beware!

Things are comin along for the JUNE 14th HOTWIRE art show! lots of artists are signing on to join and contribute to the show.

and, if that wasn't enough we're doing a whole slew of shows (2 in EUROPE) in the near future:

*New York, NY New York Comic Con April 18-20, 2008 Jacob Javits Center
*Naples, Italy! Napoli Comic Con April 24-27, 2008 Castel Sant'Elmo
*Erlangen, Germany Internationaler Comic-Salon May 22-25, 2008
*San Diego, CA Comic Con International July 23-27, 2008 San Diego Convention CenterCenter


Friday, March 21, 2008


great news, the artists lined up so far:
Glenn Head
Matti Hagelberg
Danny Hellman
Ivan Brunetti
David Sandlin

more expected!

off for dim sum lunch now at my favorite place in chinatown: Harmony Palace on Mott St!!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey people, just had a nice head to head with Fantagraphic's HOTWIRE artist and editor GLENN HEAD, and it's official...we're doing a HOTWIRE art show in mid june!!!!! yay!!!!!
(full artlist to be announced soon!).

For those of you who are unaware the second Hotwire anthology was published recently and again it featured many fine artists at-

talks are ongoing with Kaz, and a show with his art is in our future to

Friday, March 14, 2008

comic book signing party tonite!!!

hey people, a very cool signing tonite at Brooklyn's best comix shop! here's the info:

ROCKETSHIP COMICS SHOP (208 Smith St. b/w Butler and Baltic, Brooklyn)is presenting THE party of ALL comics parties for HOTWIRE COMICS 2.....TONITE!!DRINKS! COMICS!! BEEF PATTIES!!(?) and.......CARTOONISTS!! ZANGO!!!! Mark Dean Veca Sam Henderson R. Sikoryak Jonathon Rosen Mark Newgarden Chadwick Whitehead Danny Hellman Craig Yoe Glenn Head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll be there!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friar's Club

This flu.....holy f'n cow!!!!. what is it ...10days??? i'm finally over it (mostly). meanwhile i forgot to mention how much fun i had at the Friars Club for the Drew Friedman book warming celebrating the release of More Old Jewish Comedians. First of all the club it self is a landmark. Beautiful old school design, not that 60's-70's-80's "old school" crap either, we're talkin OLD SCHOOL son, pre WWII era. Pre T.V. era. it was like a walk back in time. Gorgeous layout to the place, and eventhough i really i felt like "what the hell am i doing here??", i pretended like most of the other mooks like i belonged.

As i was standing around waiting for the festivities, noticing a few of the comedic celebs around. Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, and then BOOM....Jerry Stiller walks in. Yeah, but before he was on Seinfeld, and before he was Ben Stiller's dad, he was part of the comedic team Stiller and Meara, a character actor, and Jerry was a lower east side guy...who knew my old man. Years ago when i was a kid in the early 70's my dad took me to Paragon's sporting goods down near Union Square to buy a baseball glove. While waiting in line to pay, he bumped into Jerry and they chatted about old times. I knew Jerry was an actor, but didn't know more than that. they seemed to have a good time talking and i remembered it. Fast forward to the Friar's club. I introduced myself to Jerry and ask him if he remembered my dad, he did, and he had some warm and funny things to say about him. He was a very sweet old guy. Sharp minded and very nice. Later on he signed his portrait in the book.

It was a fun evening.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

things to do on day 7 of the flu

make sure you have many boxes of tissues!
watch movies you've wanted to see (again) like TAMPOPO. the japanese spaghetti western of Ramen noodle shops! luckily here in NYC we have a whole slew of great ramen shops in the east village, so the craving for some is easily fulfilled.

READ!!! i'm reading the biography of GREG IRONS, You call this art?!!. legendary underground artist, tattoo'er, poster designer, and creative genius. **if you have greg iron's art, contact me!!!

DRUGS!!! i'm living off of ibuprofen and acitam@#%$^$^ine (fake tylenol).

sleep. chicken soup. chinese herbs. yadda yadda yadda.

art. BUY ART. just got a few pages in the mail. DAVE COOPER's pip & norton. they're so cool. !!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

art love

one of the signature pieces for sale in the JIM MAHFOOD show at out gallery. Jim did this excellent piece on a cabinet door!

still on my flu thing here.

Going to the Drew Friedman book warming at the NYC Friars club tonite. invite only, sorry folks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


it's a nice rainy tuesday afternoon here in Dumbo Brooklyn. we're scanning art for our upcoming ebay auctions. plug coming:

i think i have to leave work early<---fighting a flu. which sucks because i'm supposed to play poker at my oldschool nickle/dime/quarter ...bitchslap fest with my homies! drinking and smoking permitted! i need hot chicken noodle soup!!! vitamins, and sleep. in that order. oh yeah IBUPROFIN!!!!!!

on the art tip. went to the international center of photography on sunday
great museum. i highly recommend it! plus it's right near bryant park. which is awesome.

on the food tip. we ate at an ethiopian restaurant (meskerem) that night. one of my favorite meals. all foods where you eat with your hands rock. and that's that!

i need pain relief and sleep.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i'm back!

Hey people! After an incredibly long hiatus i'm back to blogging. You may all rejoice now. you may not throw rotten veggies (if you have good aim). I'm scott eder, comix art dealer, art collector from NYC, with a brand new art gallery in DUMBO BROOKLYN. yeah, I'm an art NERD and proud of it! We've had two art shows so far for info! just a taste.

It's been an incredible last 6 months or so. MANY THANKS and HUGS to all the people who've shown up to our 2 shows so far!!!

The purpose of this blog is to air my views, feelings, plugs, backslaps, pimpslaps, and shoutouts to people and artists world wide. AND to show you all the illest art out there!!!!

first up: i want to give a big shout out to the artist JIM MAHFOOD and the photographer JEFFREY SHAGAWAT, who helped me greatly with their fantastic art, input, and giant efforts to help organize the show that's up right now. respeck!!!!!!

second up: i wanna give another shout out to my main man livin down under the artist ASHLEY WOOD !!! who, like a sex machine (on the good foot) just celebrated the birth of his third child Akira !!!! Big props to Paula for handling the bulk of that endeavor!!!! you both rule.

third up: Props to my landlord Mike Moezinia. The nicest, bestesest landlord EVER!!!

fourth up: All the friends, family, and fans who came out for our first show. I love you all!!!!!

fifth up: ALL ARTISTS WORLD WIDE !!!! thanks for giving us all something to enjoy, provoke, irritate, excite, and inspire!!!

Sixth and FINALLY UP: my mate for life MARCIA POMERANTZ !!!! Where would i be without you??? and my li'l kid LENA !!! My reason for busting my ass and for living and dreaming.