Monday, April 21, 2008

comic con wrap

wow. and yes...i'm tired.
ciao to all my italian friends (martina & giovanni, and marina & massimo) who came out...we had the massive bbq dinner at hill country on sunday nite! so many other cool people came out. had a lot of fun talkin with tank girl artist Rufus Dayglo!
and a gazillion fans....mmmoi, i love you all!

allain for doing the great trade with me. he got a super cool chris ware jimmy corrigan page, and i got a crazy charles burns cover from the 80's "thrilling defective" plus a mark beyer amy & jordan strip and the kicker was a strip by early new yorker artist gluyas williams!!! thanks to micah for turning me on to him and alerting me to the whereabouts of this art.

all in all so many friends were there and the show was huger and more spectacular than last year!!

leaving for italy i'll keep you updated with con reports and FOOD & ART reports.


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