Saturday, April 5, 2008

two words: one name: AL COLUMBIA

i don't need to tell artists about Al Columbia... and i don't need to tell fans of the alt comix about Al either, because few artists touch the realms where his artwork and creative mind have entered. What i will tell you got to hang with Al recently. Like an adoring puppy, i basked in the artnificense of Al. i was privy to the process by which he works. i was in the inner sanctum. i was, in a word: happy.

I found out all about his upcoming masterwork to be published by Fantagraphics. i don't know if i can talk about it so, all i can say is, you better hold on to your socks when this book comes out!

we had a great day. drank too much coffee, and talked about life, art, and projects...and yeah, havin an art show with me.

now that's the shit!!!

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