Wednesday, August 19, 2009

san diego COMICON summer so far

on july 18th we took off for san diego. weeks prior i was working nite and day preparing for the comicon. i was a little worried about the show for a couple of reasons: 1- THE ECONOMY !!!! i worried a bit about this... 2- i was in a new location at the complete opposite end of the convention center.
and so i MADE SURE that i had KILLER art for show. lots of private collection art and stuff i had squirelled away for years!!!
but let me back up a bit. we got in to s.d. early and we stayed in a great area near Del Mar. went to the beach everyday and ate at our favorite asian places in Kearny Mesa!

and so, after a bit of sun and fun and evenings full of prepping for the show, we opened the preview nite with a bang. sold a gorgeous G Herriman KRAZY KAT sunday. yes. it's expensive. and so the show began very nicely. the end results were very good. so CHEERS to everybody who stopped by and said hi and all the customers who walked away with wonderful art!!

after the con we stayed for an additional 3 days and went to the beach everyday and continued our eating ways gobbling up all the delicious food of the area and farmer's market fruit and veggies! aside from the shin splint i developed (it didn't stop me!) i was happier than the proverbial pig in shit.

Next we headed north to L.A. where i stayed with my musical brother Evan, and we continued eating in the great Japanese restaurants of Sawtelle. i played poker with his friends (i won...after grinding away!). and now to the highlight of the trip:
10 DAYS OF CAMPING along the KERN river in the southern Sequoia forest! NO cel, NO puter the whole time. Marcia, Lena, my brother Evan, and our good friends Ed, Alix, and Ella joining us. eating out under the stars everynite, and sun and swimming and great hiking!!! it was heaven. discovered some new spots (this is our 5th year inna row) and found some great new swim spots. i miss it all already.

ended the trip in L.A. with my brother and now we're home. i'm busy planning the year ahead...i can assure you of some great art that's going to be available shortly!!!!!