Wednesday, June 15, 2011

out an about in NYC- the past few weeks

events from the past few days:

driving in to the gallery (i don't usually do this...subway or bike for me) it was time to drive our recyclables to the processing plant. i spotted this art luminary and took a quick pick of his head. answer? at the end of this blog!

recently we've been enjoying the extenstion of
the High Line...despite the huge crowds and the extremely annoying people who stand in groups along the narrowest part of the path, we LOVE it.
also include here are pix from the grounds below where they had the opening party and where resides a really cool beer garden!
we are psyched to partake!

also spent a great day a few weeks ago biking to and around Governer's Island. No cars, and a very nice place to bike around on.

next up is the fabulous sculpture in Madison Sq Park. and also a note about the food court that was gone in a flash (only 1 month :-( ...). i enjoyed a beer there with Marcia. and another time i took John Lind and his wife there.

Jeffrey Brown and i out and about when he was in town for his FIRST solo show at our Gallery!

then a coupla nice Chelsea art gallery days... a fabulous Picasso show, and a wonderful Keith Haring show featuring a whole mess of small pen & ink drawings.

a great day. and lastly a picture of Marcia & Lena in our community garden~!

answer: Andres Serrano

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zap artists, & High Line opening!

The incredible High Line in Chelsea just opened the extension north of 20th st!
Marcia and i went for a walk the opening nite and we're both amazed!

there's a really cool Zap Comix artists art show at the Andrew Edlin gallery in Chelsea, curated by
Gary Panter (like they need me plugging the show?!!). most of the art isn't for sale as
it's loaned from a private collection. Great viewing...and it's right across the street from the High Line! what could be better?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 cons down, 3 art shows~....1 con to go (san diego!!!)

it was a crazy busy spring for me.
-secaucus nj, art con!
-wondercon, sf! and then a week visiting my brother in L.A.
played pitch and putt golf, and did some awesome hikes in the malibu canyons.
-c2e2 chicago! cool show, and 1 free day to visit the art institute, and the natural history museum,
eat lots of great food, and watched the UFC live with Jeffrey Brown at his house! it was great.

squeezed in the middle of this was the Tony Millionaire, Peter Bagge, Jeffrey Brown art shows!
and of course our trip to Costa Rica.

now i'm getting ready for San Diego and YES, i will be bringing tons of awesome art. including brand new ASHLEY WOOD art!!! we will also be making an exclusive art print with Ash.

Good lookin out to all who attend S.D.


5 minutes

trying to recover my password for this blog!!
5 minutes.

in this age of pass protected accounts is it possible to have too many of them?

this isn't a rant...more of a self deprecating look at how many accounts to keep track of.
emails (personal & biz), banks, credit cards, blogs, websites, auctions houses, etc...

originally when i tried to retrieve this password i had it sent to one of my emails which is forwarded
to another email address. only it didn't show up. so i went to the other email account, and, you guessed it...i couldn't remember that one either!

there's a list somewhere with all of it.
now if i could only remember where that list is!!!!