Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 cons down, 3 art shows~....1 con to go (san diego!!!)

it was a crazy busy spring for me.
-secaucus nj, art con!
-wondercon, sf! and then a week visiting my brother in L.A.
played pitch and putt golf, and did some awesome hikes in the malibu canyons.
-c2e2 chicago! cool show, and 1 free day to visit the art institute, and the natural history museum,
eat lots of great food, and watched the UFC live with Jeffrey Brown at his house! it was great.

squeezed in the middle of this was the Tony Millionaire, Peter Bagge, Jeffrey Brown art shows!
and of course our trip to Costa Rica.

now i'm getting ready for San Diego and YES, i will be bringing tons of awesome art. including brand new ASHLEY WOOD art!!! we will also be making an exclusive art print with Ash.

Good lookin out to all who attend S.D.


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