Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wondercon 2012...

Well Wondercon's a wrap. And so the vacation begins...here are come good pix from the show and the ensuing days! Met some cool people, did some good biz...picked up a few things for myself, like Rich Koslowski's book B Wolf. Plus i got the crazy Wally Wood book by IDW. awesome...huge. it's way cool.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cindy Sherman....I'm a Fan

Great show at MOMA ! Cindy's photographic riffs stab at popular culture, using all kinds of diverse media for reference, always using herself as the model.

This show combines her most well known work of her 30+ year career. There is a LOT of incredibly memorable work here. The vibrant, almost kitsche color adds a sense of playfulness to the work...but it won't fool you! the undertones of some of the work stand out regardless.

My faves from the show were the stylized society portraits. the history portraits based on examples of old master paintings. and the men's magazine photos. this last group had a haunting quality to it.

Highlights of recent Dim Sum lunches in Chinatown

We've expanded our comfort zone of go to Dim Sum places in Chinatown by adding a couple of new places that serve the Dim Sum alla cart. Red Egg on Centre St., and the Nom Wah Tea Parlor on Doyer.
Both places have a wonderful version of the classic fried turnip cake dish. But they're spinning it a little differently by deep frying them in little cubes and adding a cool topping. At Red Egg, the put diced scallions, peppers, carrots, and sliced duck on top. yes...it's awesome!

Dragon Beard Candy...by Yao

One of the legendary street vendors...located in Chinatown (corner of Chrystie & Grand sts),
sells this unique candy. On a recent trip i decided to document it. Yao was very gracious about the photos and i got 2 batches! The candies are surrounded by a feathery layer of sugar, almost spun...with powdered sugar, the interior is a sweetened peanut mix.
it's awesome!