Friday, December 17, 2010

Lucca Comics - and trip to italy....

waaaaaaaaaaaay back around Halloween. was that long ago.
i had a great time going back to the Tuscan town of Lucca. It's been many years since i attended the comics festival there and there have been some major changes. the show seems to have gotten bigger! good...there were tons of attendees and a crazy energy about the town. "cos" they're known it Italy...the people who dress up in costumes, were in huge throngs....probably the most elaborate and passionate cos players i've seen. The old Lucca festival used to take place outside the wall of the town...and now it's inside. I guess it's better for the show, and probably better for business in town...but gone is the tranquility of the town. the THRONGS of comix fans can get overwhelming at times. but it's all part of the scene now. the FOOD in Lucca is still fantastic. absolutely wonderful. i got in the que at my favorite Foccaceria...and it was just like old times! had wonderful dinners out with my friends Massimo & Marina (my kind hosts in Roma) and our other friends Martina & Giovanni (Milano), and also Carsten (Berlin) & his girlfriend. Many others...but the names are slipping into the either.

after doing some fine biz in Lucca, and suffering thru the bad weather (so typical) we headed back to Roma, where i spent my last 4 nites of the trip. the rest of my stay was tinged with the sadness for my friend Massimo whose father suddenly passed away. Massimo & Marina were kind enough to let me stay in their apartment while they attended to family matters down in Sorrento.

Roma is still Roma, although i was alone, and feeling a bit strange, i managed to have some very nice times. More time walking and just enjoying the good weather. I finally managed after years of visiting Roma to make it to the Castel S'ant Angelo which had some of the most impressive views of Roma i've EVER seen.

Bought some great shirts and sweaters for myself, and brought back some nice gifts for Marcia & Lena.