Saturday, March 29, 2008

more artists for the HOTWIRE show

great news, Mary Fleener, Max Andersson, and David Paleo are on board....bringing the total # of artists for the show to 13 and counting.

Mary's gonna try to do one of her cool paintings on velvet. David's from Argentina, and Max is from Sweden, the international contingent grows!!!

Me, i'm happy my kid bro's in town and we're playing way tooooooooo much.
Dinner at Mario Batalli's Otto tonite!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yeah boy!

check out the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine (april). this "low brow" art rag featuring all the latest trendiest and pop surrealyist of characters has a profile on my home boy ASHLEY WOOD. he's in there with a crazy cool painting and his cooliest manifesto on art! pussies beware!

Things are comin along for the JUNE 14th HOTWIRE art show! lots of artists are signing on to join and contribute to the show.

and, if that wasn't enough we're doing a whole slew of shows (2 in EUROPE) in the near future:

*New York, NY New York Comic Con April 18-20, 2008 Jacob Javits Center
*Naples, Italy! Napoli Comic Con April 24-27, 2008 Castel Sant'Elmo
*Erlangen, Germany Internationaler Comic-Salon May 22-25, 2008
*San Diego, CA Comic Con International July 23-27, 2008 San Diego Convention CenterCenter


Friday, March 21, 2008


great news, the artists lined up so far:
Glenn Head
Matti Hagelberg
Danny Hellman
Ivan Brunetti
David Sandlin

more expected!

off for dim sum lunch now at my favorite place in chinatown: Harmony Palace on Mott St!!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey people, just had a nice head to head with Fantagraphic's HOTWIRE artist and editor GLENN HEAD, and it's official...we're doing a HOTWIRE art show in mid june!!!!! yay!!!!!
(full artlist to be announced soon!).

For those of you who are unaware the second Hotwire anthology was published recently and again it featured many fine artists at-

talks are ongoing with Kaz, and a show with his art is in our future to

Friday, March 14, 2008

comic book signing party tonite!!!

hey people, a very cool signing tonite at Brooklyn's best comix shop! here's the info:

ROCKETSHIP COMICS SHOP (208 Smith St. b/w Butler and Baltic, Brooklyn)is presenting THE party of ALL comics parties for HOTWIRE COMICS 2.....TONITE!!DRINKS! COMICS!! BEEF PATTIES!!(?) and.......CARTOONISTS!! ZANGO!!!! Mark Dean Veca Sam Henderson R. Sikoryak Jonathon Rosen Mark Newgarden Chadwick Whitehead Danny Hellman Craig Yoe Glenn Head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll be there!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friar's Club

This flu.....holy f'n cow!!!!. what is it ...10days??? i'm finally over it (mostly). meanwhile i forgot to mention how much fun i had at the Friars Club for the Drew Friedman book warming celebrating the release of More Old Jewish Comedians. First of all the club it self is a landmark. Beautiful old school design, not that 60's-70's-80's "old school" crap either, we're talkin OLD SCHOOL son, pre WWII era. Pre T.V. era. it was like a walk back in time. Gorgeous layout to the place, and eventhough i really i felt like "what the hell am i doing here??", i pretended like most of the other mooks like i belonged.

As i was standing around waiting for the festivities, noticing a few of the comedic celebs around. Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, and then BOOM....Jerry Stiller walks in. Yeah, but before he was on Seinfeld, and before he was Ben Stiller's dad, he was part of the comedic team Stiller and Meara, a character actor, and Jerry was a lower east side guy...who knew my old man. Years ago when i was a kid in the early 70's my dad took me to Paragon's sporting goods down near Union Square to buy a baseball glove. While waiting in line to pay, he bumped into Jerry and they chatted about old times. I knew Jerry was an actor, but didn't know more than that. they seemed to have a good time talking and i remembered it. Fast forward to the Friar's club. I introduced myself to Jerry and ask him if he remembered my dad, he did, and he had some warm and funny things to say about him. He was a very sweet old guy. Sharp minded and very nice. Later on he signed his portrait in the book.

It was a fun evening.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

things to do on day 7 of the flu

make sure you have many boxes of tissues!
watch movies you've wanted to see (again) like TAMPOPO. the japanese spaghetti western of Ramen noodle shops! luckily here in NYC we have a whole slew of great ramen shops in the east village, so the craving for some is easily fulfilled.

READ!!! i'm reading the biography of GREG IRONS, You call this art?!!. legendary underground artist, tattoo'er, poster designer, and creative genius. **if you have greg iron's art, contact me!!!

DRUGS!!! i'm living off of ibuprofen and acitam@#%$^$^ine (fake tylenol).

sleep. chicken soup. chinese herbs. yadda yadda yadda.

art. BUY ART. just got a few pages in the mail. DAVE COOPER's pip & norton. they're so cool. !!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

art love

one of the signature pieces for sale in the JIM MAHFOOD show at out gallery. Jim did this excellent piece on a cabinet door!

still on my flu thing here.

Going to the Drew Friedman book warming at the NYC Friars club tonite. invite only, sorry folks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


it's a nice rainy tuesday afternoon here in Dumbo Brooklyn. we're scanning art for our upcoming ebay auctions. plug coming:

i think i have to leave work early<---fighting a flu. which sucks because i'm supposed to play poker at my oldschool nickle/dime/quarter ...bitchslap fest with my homies! drinking and smoking permitted! i need hot chicken noodle soup!!! vitamins, and sleep. in that order. oh yeah IBUPROFIN!!!!!!

on the art tip. went to the international center of photography on sunday
great museum. i highly recommend it! plus it's right near bryant park. which is awesome.

on the food tip. we ate at an ethiopian restaurant (meskerem) that night. one of my favorite meals. all foods where you eat with your hands rock. and that's that!

i need pain relief and sleep.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i'm back!

Hey people! After an incredibly long hiatus i'm back to blogging. You may all rejoice now. you may not throw rotten veggies (if you have good aim). I'm scott eder, comix art dealer, art collector from NYC, with a brand new art gallery in DUMBO BROOKLYN. yeah, I'm an art NERD and proud of it! We've had two art shows so far for info! just a taste.

It's been an incredible last 6 months or so. MANY THANKS and HUGS to all the people who've shown up to our 2 shows so far!!!

The purpose of this blog is to air my views, feelings, plugs, backslaps, pimpslaps, and shoutouts to people and artists world wide. AND to show you all the illest art out there!!!!

first up: i want to give a big shout out to the artist JIM MAHFOOD and the photographer JEFFREY SHAGAWAT, who helped me greatly with their fantastic art, input, and giant efforts to help organize the show that's up right now. respeck!!!!!!

second up: i wanna give another shout out to my main man livin down under the artist ASHLEY WOOD !!! who, like a sex machine (on the good foot) just celebrated the birth of his third child Akira !!!! Big props to Paula for handling the bulk of that endeavor!!!! you both rule.

third up: Props to my landlord Mike Moezinia. The nicest, bestesest landlord EVER!!!

fourth up: All the friends, family, and fans who came out for our first show. I love you all!!!!!

fifth up: ALL ARTISTS WORLD WIDE !!!! thanks for giving us all something to enjoy, provoke, irritate, excite, and inspire!!!

Sixth and FINALLY UP: my mate for life MARCIA POMERANTZ !!!! Where would i be without you??? and my li'l kid LENA !!! My reason for busting my ass and for living and dreaming.