Sunday, March 2, 2008

i'm back!

Hey people! After an incredibly long hiatus i'm back to blogging. You may all rejoice now. you may not throw rotten veggies (if you have good aim). I'm scott eder, comix art dealer, art collector from NYC, with a brand new art gallery in DUMBO BROOKLYN. yeah, I'm an art NERD and proud of it! We've had two art shows so far for info! just a taste.

It's been an incredible last 6 months or so. MANY THANKS and HUGS to all the people who've shown up to our 2 shows so far!!!

The purpose of this blog is to air my views, feelings, plugs, backslaps, pimpslaps, and shoutouts to people and artists world wide. AND to show you all the illest art out there!!!!

first up: i want to give a big shout out to the artist JIM MAHFOOD and the photographer JEFFREY SHAGAWAT, who helped me greatly with their fantastic art, input, and giant efforts to help organize the show that's up right now. respeck!!!!!!

second up: i wanna give another shout out to my main man livin down under the artist ASHLEY WOOD !!! who, like a sex machine (on the good foot) just celebrated the birth of his third child Akira !!!! Big props to Paula for handling the bulk of that endeavor!!!! you both rule.

third up: Props to my landlord Mike Moezinia. The nicest, bestesest landlord EVER!!!

fourth up: All the friends, family, and fans who came out for our first show. I love you all!!!!!

fifth up: ALL ARTISTS WORLD WIDE !!!! thanks for giving us all something to enjoy, provoke, irritate, excite, and inspire!!!

Sixth and FINALLY UP: my mate for life MARCIA POMERANTZ !!!! Where would i be without you??? and my li'l kid LENA !!! My reason for busting my ass and for living and dreaming.


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