Saturday, January 29, 2011

Millionaire opening highlights!!!

Whatta night!! Driving to the gallery felt completely surreal. The streets and cars buried in snow and traffic moving at a snails pace. We stopped at Union Square Wines to pick up xtra supplies and then we were lucky to find parking in Dumbo. Benjamen Walker came early to do an interview for WFMU radio. It was a pleasure listening in and gaining some xtra insight into Tony's approach to art. And then the faithful started to arrive...and they kept coming ALL night long. I wasn't sure what would happen because of the weather, but Tony has some great fans!! It was a helluva show.
Some people drank too much. Ahem. But everyone was quite well behaved...for a change! I made a lot of new friends and got to meet a lot of cool people! So a big shout out to all the friends and family who showed up and all the new friends we have. Dig the pictures here

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cops !? & 2 more days!! TONY MILLIONAIRE art show...

my latest run in with the law. oy!!! i was in Williamsburg postering for the latest show and wouldn't ya know it...the cops nabbed me! ug. i received a summons and have to show up in court. probably getting a $50 fine! it blows.

but everything else is shaping up well for the show. the silkscreen prints are ready, the walls are finished being spackled and painted...most of the art is already hanging! i convinced Tony to show up early...

Big snow storm here this morning. i love it when it's storming like this. the city is SO BEAUTIFUL in white.