Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WonderCon S.F. short report

just got back and i have to say that the San Fran WONDERCON is by far my favorite convention in the U.S.!!
it still feels like an oldschool convention, with a flea market atmosphere and all kinds of dealers (many local cali dealers...who probably only do this show). the biggest plus for me: a mostly low-key presence for the big publishers (marvel & d.c.), which i prefer....and very little movie & t.v. stuff.

a big tip of the hat to Dan for all the great underground comics. his buddy who sold me a couple of Ted Richards strips. it really was hard for me NOT to buy more comics...but space is always an issue at home.

there are so many people i can see out there...so it was nice to hook up with my old friend alan and his wife jinky!

hanging with Spain Rodriguez again was fantastic. cheers brother!

we had good sales all 3 days and i was sad when the show was over.