Thursday, February 21, 2013

Angouleme- Flood2

More visions of Angouleme

on the way to the Musee de B.D.

everybody gets into the comics many shop keepers have beautifully decorated windows!

The AMAZING Les Halles (old covered market) of Angouleme...conveniently located next to where i was set up!

the Musee de B.D...

Angouleme up, musee de b.d. over the bridge
Hugo Pratt sculpture of Corto Maltese standing guard in front of the Musee de B.D.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Angouleme comics festival FLOOD 1

Hey, still in Paris and having a great and extremely busy time. Angouleme was a truly amazing comics festival. The French comic culture is astounding and the way the town is involved with the whole comic scene is something special. But, the art dealing/collecting culture is VERY different from ours in the U.S. Most if not all the major art dealers have proper art galleries. Most of them have ground level spaces in Paris, and out of at least 5 major comic art galleries in Paris...only 1 sets up at Angouleme! So,
there aren't a lot of art customers walking around on a consistent basis. As a result, i did OK...but nothing spectacular in terms of biz. Still, there were many things that i enjoyed about the show. Seeing friends, meeting customers for the first time, having my great buddy Massimo Cuomo (a collector from Roma) come join me to help in the stand. and the FOOD!! We were right next to Les Halles, the classic covered food market of Angouleme. and there were some very nice stands in there!

So, I will begin with pictures from Angouleme, and move towards the Convention days, and then my trip to Paris.

Hugo Pratt's immortal Corto Maltese...

and more....
a collaboration with Gilbert Shelton...from the Musee de B.D.
why not set up a part of the comic festival inside an old church? fabulous!!!!

airport metro station

a nice street!

truffles on toast!

say no more!

beautiful Angouleme!

you guessed it...more food!

many many more posts to continue!