Tuesday, May 31, 2011

long over due- what order to tell- COSTA RICA

it's hard to ramble on about yourself. but what's a blog to do? so get over it!!!
in no particular order, i will recount the previous months adventures.

starting with......

we went on a big family trip to COSTA RICA!!!
absolutely wonderful. 12 intense days of running around doing all kinds of Eco Touristic things.
the highlights of the trip were all the wild animals we saw: Sloths, 3 of the 4 types of monkeys (squirrel, spider, cappuchin), an arboreal anteater, the resplendant quetzal, the Jesus lizard, many types of birds, snakes, frogs, and all kinds of butterflies and other creatures.

Spectacular jungles, and beaches. yes we got sunburned. even with tons of block..it IS powerful down there.

awesome food: Ceviche!!! great fresh tropical fruits....mmmm awesome.

in the jungle the humidity was so intense our clothing was NEVER dry!

one day, while in the bathroom, my daughter called out claiming there was a scorpion in the room. yes, the kind that can EASILY kill a child. i ran out, took a coupla pictures first! and then caught him in a jar and released him. i'm 100% positive NO costa rican would have released him.

the off road 4 wheel driving i did was incredible!!! thru small rivers, up and down steep muddy slopes! if it wasn't for our guide i wouldn't ever have known what i could do in a 4 wheeler! worth every penny to pay a guide i can assure you!

tours: the coffee plantation! incredible. if you're a fan of the bean, you must do this sometime in your life.
we also went to a cacao plantation. again if you're a fan of coco or chocolate it's a MUST

the incredible thing about CR is that it's a 5 hr flight from NYC. so easy, and with good planning you can have an incredible time. and we DID!!!