Sunday, March 9, 2008

things to do on day 7 of the flu

make sure you have many boxes of tissues!
watch movies you've wanted to see (again) like TAMPOPO. the japanese spaghetti western of Ramen noodle shops! luckily here in NYC we have a whole slew of great ramen shops in the east village, so the craving for some is easily fulfilled.

READ!!! i'm reading the biography of GREG IRONS, You call this art?!!. legendary underground artist, tattoo'er, poster designer, and creative genius. **if you have greg iron's art, contact me!!!

DRUGS!!! i'm living off of ibuprofen and acitam@#%$^$^ine (fake tylenol).

sleep. chicken soup. chinese herbs. yadda yadda yadda.

art. BUY ART. just got a few pages in the mail. DAVE COOPER's pip & norton. they're so cool. !!!

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