Wednesday, June 15, 2011

out an about in NYC- the past few weeks

events from the past few days:

driving in to the gallery (i don't usually do this...subway or bike for me) it was time to drive our recyclables to the processing plant. i spotted this art luminary and took a quick pick of his head. answer? at the end of this blog!

recently we've been enjoying the extenstion of
the High Line...despite the huge crowds and the extremely annoying people who stand in groups along the narrowest part of the path, we LOVE it.
also include here are pix from the grounds below where they had the opening party and where resides a really cool beer garden!
we are psyched to partake!

also spent a great day a few weeks ago biking to and around Governer's Island. No cars, and a very nice place to bike around on.

next up is the fabulous sculpture in Madison Sq Park. and also a note about the food court that was gone in a flash (only 1 month :-( ...). i enjoyed a beer there with Marcia. and another time i took John Lind and his wife there.

Jeffrey Brown and i out and about when he was in town for his FIRST solo show at our Gallery!

then a coupla nice Chelsea art gallery days... a fabulous Picasso show, and a wonderful Keith Haring show featuring a whole mess of small pen & ink drawings.

a great day. and lastly a picture of Marcia & Lena in our community garden~!

answer: Andres Serrano

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