Thursday, April 3, 2008

hotwire artists...and CONFESSIONS OF A FOODIE

more art conspirators: Tim Lane, Chadwick Whitehead, and David Lasky have signed on for our HOTWIRE SHOW!!!!!! yay!
i hate to close the show but i'm running out of space.
so, i'm gonna wait a few more days and then zip it shut.

on to food:
i cook the best steaks. plain and simple. i don't cook 'em plain and simple, i mean i'm the best...plain and simple. i make 'em better than any stupid steak restaurant. yeah peter luger's smith & w, any of 'em. they're not worthy of holding my jock strap. your mouth will experience orgasmic pleasure, and your eyes will roll back in your head as you savor a piece in your mouth. i've seen this happen over and over and....yeah you get the point. although my pork chops are great, i still have some wiggle room for improvement. but when it comes to veal chops, lamb rib (or rack)...i fuckin rock.

while i'm a true blue art fan and devote most of my day to the pursuits of collecting and selling...i'm also a worshiper of art & music, and spectate quite nicely on both subjects. but i'm also a devoted foodie. and that's my hobbie, and dare i art. i go out of my way consistently seeking out the good food and the best ingredients for cooking. i'm a loyal patron of the finest food establishments of the city, as well as a very loyal devotee of the city's premiere farmer's market at union square.

i'm oldschool tho. i'd rather have a dinner somebody's mom or grandma made...then snooty high brow stuff any day. that being said i've been known to inhale a piece of nouvaux sushi with the best of them.

still, the simple pleasures of the best food, freshest ingredients and authentic recipes rule my food world.

when you've tasted something better than a perfectly roasted chicken (from the farmer's market)...let me know. seriously. LET ME KNOW!!!!

email to with comments, rants, challenges, tips, raves, dares, and puffed out chests.



didi said...

Food I can comment on. I know you're a foodie but i have yet to taste one of your famous steaks. You name the night or day and I'm there. Didi

Dan said...

Lets hear how you prepare a steak.