Monday, May 12, 2008

home sweet home...but

it's good to be home but i miss italia! how i didn't put on 30 lbs (or any weight) is a greater mystery than the bermuda triangle! i guess it's a true testiment to power of pounding the pavement.
The trip was awesome. Rome is one of the greatest cities on earth. BIG SHOUT OUT TO my friends at the MONDOPOP gallery in Roma and their crazy cool show about the Mona Lisa. A lot of fine artists participating in the show.

Now on to the crazy crush to bring on the HOTWIRE show! lots of artists are on schedule with getting me their art. we're gonna make another fine VERY affordable screenprint for the show, and a few freebie posters!!!

in 8 days i'll be going to Germany to attend the ERLANGEN comic salon !!!
really looking forward to seeing all the great german & international artists and all my friends in Deutchland!!!
and then a little pitstop to see my buddies in Amsterdam at the end of the trip! yes. i'm THAT lucky.

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