Sunday, May 25, 2008

ERLANGEN comic salon NEWS....

well, today is the final day of the show. if only there was 36 hrs in a day....
last night we ate at the Kitzmann brewery. a fine meal with "baggers" a local potato pancake, exquisite spargel (asparagus) creme soup, and a fine meat dish with a dark beer reduction. oh yeah...the great Kitzmann Keller bier!!!!!! my fine friends Marc & Spink from Amsterdam, Martina & Giovanni from Milan, and Christoph from Munich were in attendance. thank god they all speak better english than i do german, dutch or italian!!!!!

ok...enuf about food and xtra-cariculars... on to the comic salon news.
always a GREAT show here. there's a fantasic show featuring abunch of artists from china. lots of friends and cool small press books.

big news: THOMAS OTT ....t.o.t.t. yes !!!!!! and i will be bringing some beautiful examples of his master quality scratchboard art to the SAN DIEGO comic con !!!!!

so...there's so much to do and see in the last day....bye

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