Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 things i like

and this isn't in order of best or anything

1-danny hellman's latest comix anthology TYPHON. amazing cast of great artists and story tellers.
2-Lemon Magazine. mainly their tribute issue to Stanley Kubrick. thusly called Clockwork Lemon. this is a fantastic issue.
3-dim sum in nyc
4-great ramen noodle shops, in nyc
5- wall-e ....just saw the latest pixar flick. WOW
6- ROYAL FLUSH magazine. you guys ROCK!!!
7- dave cooper art. i'm a sucker for this guy's genius
8- camping. yep. i'mma nature boy! when i'm not a city slicker
9-clams on the half shell. if you don't eat 'em...ur a punk!
10- vintage fender bass guitars. WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE !!!!
anybody want to trade a vint fender for some art?
**bonus 11- glam rock!!! vain!!!

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