Thursday, July 10, 2008

jeffrey brown & mma & me ???

jeffrey brown, mma, ???
mixed martial arts!
j.b's a fan. so am i. just found out about his interest by lookin at the Top Shelf 2008 sampler. low and behold in the latest enstallment of SULK .. Jeff is putting his spin on MMA !!! arm bars, full mount, side guard and all!!!

now i know 3 people who like mma!!!
only 2 of the 3 actually like comics.
must be why i know no one into mma.
comics and mma don't necessarily go together.

my favorite things to see in mma:
a fighter who's had his ass kicked, hang in there and find the submission to steal the fight!
knockout's by kicks.
body shot knockout.
wicked throws.
creative submissions.
smiling after taking a good shot.
good sportsmanship.
good refs who know when to stop the fight.
a good chin.
smaller guys beating the bigger guy.
beating the trash talker.
english fans, and their fondness for the sport.
avenging a loss
prefight excitement
tuff chicks
brazilian fighters.
putting someone to sleep with the legs only! any sleeper hold is nice tho
guy asked to stand up cuz his ground game is too tuff for the guy who put him on the ground

least favorite things:
guys sleeping on each other. wake me and them up please!
leaning against the cage too long.
and whining that you didn't tap out. shut up! you know your arm was gonna get snapped.
gloating after the win. a little happiness and dancing around is ok. but chill dude!
guys who get winded too soon.
bad decisions: bisping over hamill. no fuckin way bisping won that fight
french canadian fighters who don't speak english. ur in north america. speak english!
tight shorts. yuck.
not avenging a loss: lidell vs rampage jackson 2
when guys are tentative for more than 1 minute. fuckin bang already.
fans booing a great technical fight on the ground.
fights stopped because of cuts
not making the weight
guys too tired from making the weight
fat guys who don't win
how much champs make. NOT ENUFF

my favorite fighters in mma ?:
nick diaz (u wanna get in the ring with this guy...are you fuckin nuts?...his bro nate is great too)
mac danzig (but he doesn't fight enuf)
urijah faber (this guy is the best in the world at his weight)
b.j. penn (a legend, and a current ufc champ, hawaii rules)
jens pulver (another legend)
forrest griffen (current ufc champ)
fedor emelianenko (i'd give my left nut to see this guy fight in the ufc, or anything other than pride...his brother's pretty mean too)
gray maynard (nick name the bully: in a sport with a bunch of bullies that's pretty much saying something)
josh koscheck (tuff fighter. i like him a lot).
cung lee (best kickboxer on the planet for his weight class)
randy couture
spencer fisher
kenny florian
chris horodecki (the polish hammer)
roger huerta (shouldn't wear those small shorts tho)
keith jardine (the kinda red neck you need as your friend)
chuck lidell (take notes on forrest griffen's decision over quentin jackson)
karo parisyan (judo throws rock)
joe stevenson ( a lotta heart, good showing after he took a big beat down from b.j. penn)
matt serra (you gotta love a tuff new yorker complete with long island accent)
george st. pierre (baggy shorts please...tremendous fighter)
matt hughes (a legend...i could live with out the jesus stuff tho. no we can't all pray together)
frank & ken shamrock
anderson silva (i'm curious who'll find a way to beat this's not gonna be easy)
brandon vera
BRAZILIAN fighters. too many to list. they're all tuff.
JAPANESE fighters. fun to watch

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Neil said...

You don't think comics and MMA mix? You're just hanging out in the wrong places. Go to the Goon forums. Eric Powell sponsors a MMA fighter out or Oregon. He also sponsors the Nashville Roller Girls.