Saturday, July 5, 2008


wow. at the brooklyn museum and ending soon :-(.
not sure if i've ever seen a show quite like this. art in the lobby, and 2 full floors of art!!! models, anime, wall paper, paintings of all sizes. Murakami's impact on the fine art world is truely a phenomenon. it's easy to see how many artists have direct influence. he straddles the wall between high & low art like no other artist i've seen. and unlike the giants of pop art in the 60's/70's Murakami is genuine part of the medium he draws his influence from (manga). and if seeing giant rooms wall papered with his trademark images and huge paintings that made my mouth water with envy and jealousy (i want one!!!!) wasn't enough, there was the gift shop with every conceiveable item packaged like only the japanese know how to do. i hope this is a travelling show...i didn't check. if not, you better hurry to catch it before it goes!!

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