Wednesday, July 2, 2008

more things i like

as if there wasn't enuf to love about this city...
1- MOMA. ok, lotsa great art. but did you know each admission gets you in to their movie theatre? tonite i'm going with my wife Marcia, and daughter Lena to see Woody Allen's SLEEPER !!!
how cool is that?
2- Swiss published magazine about comics STRAPAZIN
3-Chunklet presents THE OVERATED book. everything you want to say or can't believe someone else would say it about overated rockers, artists, movies, etc.
4- Masala Dosai. south side of washington square park. a guy makes them fresh at his cart. for those of you who don't know it's a sort of lentil flour crepe with spiced potatoes and home made coconut chutney on the side. it's UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!! great, now i'll have to wait even longer in line! oh yeah, it's south indian cuisine...totally veggie.
5- biking in nyc at nite
6- Art News' 200 biggest collectors. it's like a roadside accident, you can't help but slow down to see it. who are these people? why aren't they buying comic book art? from me???? !!!
7- people who talk SO loudly on the subway that you can't concentrate on what you're reading.
do you seriously think i like this??
8- my gallery in dumbo brooklyn....
9- the manhattan bridge. first of all, it's the "real" bridge, not a tourist bridge like the brooklyn bridge. it's industrial, dirty, has better views, and most starts in chinatown!!! and ends in at my gallery ;-)
10- southern california. each year i make my pilgrimage to the san diego comic con! this year booth #415. but in all the time off, i hit the beaches, eat all the crazy great food, hang out with my brother evan, and then go camping in the sierra's !!!! it doesn't get any better.

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