Sunday, July 20, 2008


in brief. looooong previous 24 hrs. frantic packing, little sleep, and a long travel day (without any hitches). had a great vietnamese meal at phuong trang, and slept like a brick! best nite's sleep inna long time. staying in secret location near the beach!
woke up and went to the farmer's market in Hillcrest with my wife marcia and daughter lena. got some exquisite fruit, tasted some awesome food, and enjoyed the sights and crafts and lamented not being able to buy more food like the MOST awesome artichokes i've EVER seen.

then had lunch at our favorite dim sum restaurant: Jasmine. ordered way too much. but that's the eder way!
got some coffee and did some sneaker and clothes shopping. ended the afternoon at the beach.
off for dinner now.
ta ta!

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