Saturday, August 2, 2008

san diego (w)rap

it's over. another s.d. con is in the bag! i'm still out here in cali, following the end of the show we stayed an xtra 5 days in Del Mar, enjoying the best surf imaginable. i'm tan, stoked, and reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady for our 8 day camping trip!!!

back to the con. it's really amazing how difficult it is to get ready for the show and then to do it. i spent a shitload of money just on shipping art! anyway it was my best set up to date. tons of gorgeous art on view. and even tho i have two 10x10 ft booths, it wasn't nearly enough space for soooo many excellent artists work. i'm aiming for 3 booths next year, and a new location!!! yep, i'm tired of treking all the way down to mexico to just see artist alley or the other stuff i like on that end. many of the old dealers from this area have already decamped, so now it's my turn.

Ashley Wood hooked me up with an incredible batch of art for the show the highlight of which was his WORLD WAR ROBOT paintings. lotsa fans came out and drooled over the art and quite a few lucky ones walked away with the original art! the premiere of our huge limited edition (50) signed and #'d silkscreen was also a great success. a few still remain, sooooo don't miss out.

it was very cool to meet and greet old and new fans, friends, customers, and peers.

and nothing would be complete without the great meals every nite in the many places we know about. awesome mexican, vietnamese, chinese, sichuan, japanese, and japanese bbq. we stuffed ourselves plenty!

finally there's the great san diego con poker tourney. last year i finished 3rd out of 60. $750 prize.
i had to represent again as a final tabler, and represent i did. new york style!! by sharing 1st place with nick barucci (we both cashed $1400 each, but i got the 1st place trophy for taking the heads up hand we played). major props to my home game player Kristen Robinson who came 3rd. way to go K!! and the only woman in the tourney to boot!

and now....we head off for 8 days of camping along the glorious kern river. fishing, hiking, swimming, and cookin out every day with my family and friends! what could be better? we have a first timer joining us this camping trip, from west longbranch new jersey: rob brown with son grant & daughter skyler.


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