Saturday, June 7, 2008

mocca !!!!

day 1 at my favorite comic con. saw sooooooo many artists, friends, bought a ton of cool books and specialty screen print books and stuff.
in short order meet & greets: art spiegelman, charles burns, jason, most of the new york hotwire crew (danny hellman, glenn head, and craig yoe, david sandlin), gary panter, travis louie, my boy vincent nguyen, adrian tomine, matt kindt...and saw bob shreck.

i had a great conversation with the museum/show's founder laurence klein. He told wonderful tales of going to comic cons with his dad, and how his dad encouraged him at a young age to collect comic art. and the stories!!! like the time he picked up a Frank Miller cover for $75!!!!

gave out lots of flyers and invites to the HOTWIRE show. what? you thought i wouldn't plug my own show (again) in this blog!!!!

a great day, but sadly slim pickings for kicks in my favorite neighborhood to shop: the broadway layfyette area.

day 2 report tomorrow.

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