Sunday, September 28, 2008

this week's reading list & MORE

i have sooooooooo many books to read. i've got a mostly insane backlog of required reading some of which is simply re-reading, like the Black Hole in the beautiful hard bound edition put out by Pantheon.

But then there's the Lambiek Almanac 1968-1993. a 25th anniversary publication and scholarly work encompassing the life of this legendary comic book shop in Amsterdam. So many great artists did all kinds of cool ad , poster, and promotional work for them over the years. i picked it up on my last trip to Amsterdam back in June. So many great memories come flooding back when i read this awesome publication. Like my brother Klaas!!! and the art deals i did with Lambiek. and hangin out and drinkin and??? in the shop!@!!. The great Peter Pontiac Reviews i got there, and the amazing place it self tucked away on the kerkestraat. They're having the 40th anniversary for Lambiek in November. hmmmmm? i want to be there! we'll see!!!

Lastly big props to my bud Tim Lane for the publication of Abandoned Cars. Collecting his comix and strip art into a beautiful hardbound edition. i've been reading it and loving the art and stories.

you gotta love stacks of books!!! Every time i clean up a bit, i find a book and start reading.

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