Wednesday, September 10, 2008

mma w(rap)

some good fights last weekend...aaaaaaaaaaand sum duds!
nate the great looked uh...great. fast that was.
i liked the korean guy (dong kim), but man he needs some conditioning. he was like a monkey climbin on the back of brown.
the brazilian guy palhares looks like a true beast buuuuut where's the striking? zero. when that aspect of his game improves, he's gonna punish a lot of fighters. dan henderson won, but by a slim margin in my book. still, it was a good fight for him. good to see a legend get a long overdue ufc win.
for me the big question mark of the night was franklin vs hamill. this was a great striker vs a great wrestler. ?? i love hamill, guy's got a lotta heart, remember when he KICKED bisping's ass...but was robbed? i expected the match to go to the ground at some point. the only way to negate a striker is to take him to the ground. that's elementary. so why no wrestling? answer: conspiracy! somebody said: keep this a standup fight. no other explanation. hamill's a decent striker but not in franklin's class. but few guys are better at taking guys to the mat than hamill. we'll never know the truth

and then lidell vs evans. surprise? NOT. i know something about boxing. you keep your hands UP after throwin punches. it's an amateur mistake. i'm sure lidell will continue to draw people to fights (like tyson did post ear munching, post jail, post insanity)...but for how long? btw did you see him play poker on tv at the world series of poker main event? YIKES!!! thank god he's a better mma guy...same result tho, amateur moves lead to knockouts!


Neil said...

Matt Hammil hasen't used his ground game in any of his fights since being on the ultimate fighter. I don't understand it either. Also, did you see that Evan Tanner died on Monday? He was camping out in the desert and died of exposure. Sad day for MMA.

Scott Eder said...

yep. a big moment of sadness regarding tanner. a very colorful character and legendary mma guy. as a fan of hiking and outdoor adventure...i know that there's a thin line between experiencing great joy or an accident resulting in injury or fatality.