Thursday, September 11, 2008


did you know i love music?
as a kid i played clarinet in the elementary school orchestra and in the stage band orchestra of my junior high school....and was i good!!!? not really. but i wasn't bad either. all this time i was taking piano lessons. kinda boring classical, with a touch of ragtime at the end, but no interesting jazz. the academic side of piano lessons kinda turned me off. fast forward to my college years and i started to learn some guitar from my friends who ever would teach me a chord or 2 and then found my greatest interest in bass guitar. back then my dream was to be the jimi hendrix of electric bass. yep. i dreamed that. luckily for you and many others that dream never came true. can you imagine jimi on bass? boring!!! anyhoo, i loved funk, r & b, and jass fusion where it was combined with those kinds of music. i've kinda let the music thing slide, and keep hoping to upgrade my computer system and get the whole home recording music studio thing going again eventually. remember the old tascam 4 track studio?? i had one! remember the first early drum machines? the TR 808 ?? i had one. ahhhhhhh the good old days! speaking of those good old days.....

*my first favorite song?: Dancing machine by the Jackson 5. *my first album?: Honey by the Ohio Players! *first fav hard rock band?: Led Zep. *favorite bass player of all time?: Jaco Pastorius. *Musicians i'm most grateful for having the chance to see them live?: Jaco, James Brown, Zappa, Michael Brecker, Miles Davis, Freddie Mercury with Queen (1977), the recently passed Hiram Bullock. *people i wished i coulda seen live?: Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Parker.

so, why am i thinkin about music? besides listening to music everyday and ALWAYS looking for new bands and music genres to explore...i can get into that later, lets just say one thing i enjoy is the new york alt music scene. Thing is i'm reading a GREAT BOOK called "Musical Legends" by the legendary underground artist JUSTIN GREEN. put out by Last Gasp publishing it collects all his work published in Pulse Magazine! I highly recommend it! today thanks to that book i enjoyed listening to Louis Jordan, an early influence on the godfather of soul James Brown.

perk up those ears, and open those eyes and run out and git urself a copy of Musical Legends. u won't regret it!

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