Sunday, November 16, 2008

The National

um, that's the name of the Comic Con i did this weekend. you gotta love the guys that put on this show old friend Mike Carbonaro & his pardner Brian Schutzer.

Mike's a character from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back, and kinda got me started in the comic book biz about 20 years ago (but THAT's another story). Brian's cool too, and he picked up something realllllllly special from me this weekend.

this is a throw back con to the old days, and i did it up proper with stacks of art on the table.
too bad there weren't more people to wheel and deal with. i had a very good result at the show and managed to score some great stacks of underground comix, as well as some nice art.

Lena (my daughter) made a killing selling bottled water...and a few of her old books and toys.


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Neil said...

Ever think of going south to the Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC? I'd love to see some Ash Wood and Tony Millionaire art in person and possibly pick something up. I'm sure they'd love to have you there.