Monday, May 31, 2010

munich - day 6

Cold and rainy today. kind of the weather i expected for the whole trip...but luckily until now i avoided it.
so, everything is closed today, i went for lunch at the Augustiner Brau ....Munich's oldest brewery.
Sauer braten, with semmelknödel (dumplings!), and a red cabbage slaw. but the food isn't the point's the beer. and the atmosphere. so it was a lot of fun.

afterwards i attempted to go to the pinakothek's but was thwarted as all museums were closed today. it's ok...went for a very nice 1hr walk home via the englischer garten. a pit stop at a nice cafe on the way was all i needed.

now i'm chilling, my hosts forgot about a dinner date, and invited me to join but i decided on staying in and drinking BEER and eating some nice leftovers.

so...that's the day.

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