Wednesday, May 19, 2010

may 19th...happy bday to me!

woke up to 3 lovely presents from the wife and kid.
a coffee mug (i drink lotsa coffee) with my daughter's picture on it!
a T shirt that has "" in a word bubble. what can i say?...the merchant in me has rubbed off on the missus.
and a new FRY PAN...stainless steel. i've been whining about it for a while...i guess she heard me! it's awesome, and has delicious cheese omelette written all over it. than pan won't be a virgin for much longer!
and then a nice cozy breakfast out at Cookshop with marcia after dropping lena off at school. had a pretty darn good version of huevos rancheros! no need for lunch was huge!
i'm at the gallery now and YES, thars coffee in that thar mug now!@!!
i'm 47 today!

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Kornicus said...

Went to cookshop for the ifrst timelast week - Great place.

Happy Bday again,Brotha!