Thursday, May 20, 2010

birthday conclusion! with pix

it was a great day.
we had dinner at a very special tapas, & paella restaurant Socarrat. something i was VERY skeptical about because paella isn't
something that is normally good in takes longer than risotto to make. so usually restaurants cheat and have it pre-cooked. YUCK..
but this place is different. they warn you that it will be 40 minutes!!
the tapas were wonderful....fried artichoke hearts, mushrooms sauted with pork and drizzled with tartuffo oil, fried whole peppers, and croquettas!
instead of paella we had fideo (short spanish pasta) in squid ink w seafood! it was YUMMY.
and then marcia and lena baked a special birthday cake...lotsa chocolate !!! mmmmm

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Mr. Blue said...

Happy birthday! Abrazos desde México.
We'll go to SDCC this year and we're bringing friends that want to buy you art. So, we'll drop by your booth to say hi and spend some dollars.