Saturday, May 29, 2010

munich day 3

i barely used the camera today, so pix will be from other days! except for the food pic from the englischer garten!

woke up to lovely weather...went over to the local bakery/food shop (i need to get some pix of this place!) and got some yogurt, fruit, and a wonderful little roll called a Krusti. delicious with butter. not a great nite sleep so it was harder than usual to motivate to go out for exercise...but i biked over to the park and went for a little jog before lunch.

i went back to the Englischer Garten for lunch and kinda went crazy a bit over ordering! Stecker Fisch (Mackrel on a stick), weisswurst, bratwurst, sour kraut and a big pretzle! and NO i didn't finish it all!

after eating i went for a great bike ride to the southern end of Munich via the Isar River park. This is one of my favorite things to do. it was warm out and i decided to spend the day out instead of going to a museum. hit the exercise park and did a nice little work out. and then finished the afternoon with a long bike ride home (roundabout and with heading north to the wilder part of the Englischer Garten. a nice nap set me right for the evenings festivities...and festive they were!

it was off with Bernadette to the opening party for the film she starred in! and Christoph was in it too! yes, she was the star...however it was just for a friends project. nothing big or fancy. it was a zombie movie with a twist! called night of the living! food wise just eating snacks for dinner. Had a really nice time seeing some of the people i've met before and meeting a few new people.

then a great quiet nite time bike ride home!

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