Friday, May 7, 2010

napoli: days 7-10 redux

wow...before i forget all this, i'll digest it for all. the last free day before the con is but a blur now. i came to the great realization that the perfect pizza is the margherita (simplest, also cheapest on the menu)'s ok with light supplement (funghi, maybe salcicce, etc) but not too many items. The day now fuses into a mix of churches (san gregorio in armeno again!...) and the fantastic National Archeological museum. where i was treated to the fabulous Farnese collection. a collection of roman sculpture dating back to ancient roma. the entire collection is on display permanently now. it's totally incredible. when i headed back to the hotel for a beer and rest around 5pm i bumped into giselle who reminded me about the opening of the museum show at Villa Pignatelli (with dinner!) and so after a nice time resting the feet, it was off to see the show. i lent about 30 pieces by the following artists: Gilbert Hernandez (who was a guest at the show), Ashley Wood, Jack Kirby, Chester Gould, Winsor McKay, Milton Caniff, and it was a great show. during the dinner i met a couple of really nice german artists.

so, the next morning the show would begin. cost 25 eu to take a cab to castel s elmo where the show was being held. luckily i got a great view of the city on the way up...25eu~!!!

the quick review of the Napoli Comicon as follows: i did very well sales wise day 1, and thankfully Bernard the french dealer who was to share the space didn't show i spread out into his space. my day 1 sales equaled the sales of all the sales of the previous show i did in napoli. my buddy (and host from Roma) Massimo came in around 10:30 bearing food~! i was thusly even happier to see his smiling face. our neighbor to the left was Sergio who runs the the little Nemo auctions, and on the right the art dealer Stefano (whom i met on Massimo's last trip to NYC back in march). surrounded by cool dealers the day proceeded smoothly. we ate dinner at Gorizia which is an incredible pizzaria but also nice restaurant...we would end up eating here every nite. i have vongole veraci (surprise) but also shared some nice apps, and good wine. The publishers of the now defunct Glamour art magazine joined us. a very nice evening.

day 2- another good day, with some *notable trades added to sales (that exceeded day 1 !) not by a lot, but i was happy with the result.

and finally a slow day 3, Marina (massimo's wife) showed up and they spent a lot of nice time in Napoli...then we had dinner (at Gorizia) again....on other nites i had the Ripieno (a specific type of calzone) but when massimo went for the fruiti di mare, i knew it was MY destiny too. a YUMMY pannacotta followed for desert....and drove back to Roma (about 2 hrs).

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