Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Munich - day 1

well travel day went as easy as pie.
got to munich and my friend christoph was was there to greet me within a few minutes of arrival.
went back to his place....had some coffee and rhubarb pie! very nice. my bagels, coffee, and brownies travelled well, and he and bernadette enjoyed.

after getting set up with the bike, it was time to hit the road and get some it was 12 noon i decided the best course of action was to bike down the englischer garten and stop at a beer garden for wurstl (sausage) bread and kraut. jet lag was hitting pretty hard post eating, but i chilled a while and then continued my bike ride along the isar river south. heading back home in order to take a nap around 4 pm.

bernadette made a lovely dinner with fresh asparagus, potatos and schnitzel of pork with a horseradish bread crumb mixture. prior to dinner christoph and i biked to get some beer. we each had a nice Augustiner beer.

after dinner we played around on rhapsody...and then all were ready for bed.
pretty simple but very pleasant day.
havin truble uploading pix...will work on it tomorrow.
gotta crash now!

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