Friday, May 14, 2010

quiet about brazilian jiu jitsu....until NOW

after getting my first promotion about 3 months ago...i had to stop training as my hamstring tendon was giving me fits. very confusing thing tho as i could jog without pain and do lunges, stair climbing, etc. but in certain positions, sometimes doing nothing at all, i would just have an aweful spasm of pain suddenly. only a certain type of stretch could relieve it. went to the doctor, got some knee strengthening exercizes and therapy to do. after 2 months, a little better, but i decided that it was time to go back to class! i had my apprehensions as you could imagine. so i decided that if i had to i'd favor one side, avoid movements stressful to that area. prior to going to the class i did my workouts to test the tendon and found that i was mostly ok. if you recall, earlier when i posted about braz jiu jitsu, i mentioned what a great physical challenge it is. so, i was a tiny bit nervous returning to class...but it turned out that i kept up a good routine on my own and i mostly breezed thru all the workout, with only a minor moment where i needed to stop and stretch.

i'm now proudly nursing my sprained wrist!! war wound i'm proud of! i missed this class. and it's good to be back. still, i'm off to Germany to attend the Erlangen Comic Salon in around 12 it's on and off again with bjj. i'm just happy all's well.

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