Monday, May 31, 2010

munich - day 5

after a quick little breakfast and coffee we were on our way for our day's adventure. 1st stop to
meet at Michael & Veronica's house. M is a comic convention promoter in Munich. Also, C& B's friend Renata showed up to join us. M showed me his very nice apartment and art collection and a little more coffee and then we were off to our special destiniation: the countryside south east of munich about an hrs drive. the drive was very nice, as we got closer the views were incredible- in the distance the beautiful alps were rising up in front of a gray/lavender curtain of rain clouds...very beautiful.

we arrived (all of us hungry) in the pleasant little town of Sonnering where the restaurant Gasthaus Angstl awaited us! and we were treated to a glorious bavarian meal complete with Schweine Haxe, Dumplings, potato salad and several types of kraut. + GREAT BEER.

after lunch we headed back towards munich and made a pitstop in the historic town of Wasserburg (along the Inn river). We spent an hour or so roaming the beautiful quiet streets and finished with some nice coffee in an outdoor cafe.

I drove back with Renata, who practiced her english very well! it was a nice ride home. we arrived around 7pm. then C&B were showing stuff to their friends in the, trophies from the flea market the day before...

for dinner i had leftovers from lunch and some left over food from the day before which was just as good reheated (german burgers & potato salad!)....

a great day

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