Wednesday, June 2, 2010

munich - day 7

Grüß Gott,
hey everyone...another nice overcast day in what did i do? had a nice lazy morning with bernadette at home. and then headed off by bike towards the Pinakothek's . Stopped for lunch at a cafe/restaurant part of a wine shop called SoulKitchen . A nice prix fixed lunch special (5.90eu) which consisted of a potato soup (brothy kind), and schweine schnitzel with bbq sauce, baked potato and salad. All very nice.

then it was off to the Alte Pinakothek to see the great old master collection of art. It's really an incredible collection with great examples of Rubens, Van Dyck, Durer, the Flemish school, Rembrandt, and of course other great German painters: like Albrecht Altdorfer. I've never seen his work in other museums but i can assure you his skill and hyper detail of battle scenes (Alexanderschlacht ) and exquisite landscapes is second to NONE. It's really astonishing
and incredible. As far as Rubens, i doubt there is a better single collection of Rubens art any where. they have in 1 room 15+ GIANT paintings, and then scattered about beautiful prelims and other paintings by him. They also have a strong collection of Italian Masters as well.

After a nice after noon at the museum i biked back home, and then after a little tooling around it was time to head to the park for my bi annual soccer match with Christoph & Bernadette's friends!!! i was nursing a calf sprain coming into the game and about 3/4 thru the match i was i spent the rest of the time in goal. actually it was a lot of fun (except for the not being able to push off on the right foot.)

afterwards we went back to B's cousin Erme's house for dinner and they're theatrical practice session for a friend's wedding coming up. they had a comical musical performance they were working on. i couldn't understand a word of it, but from their laughing i inferred a lot.

Everyone was very nice ...Marcus and wife, erme's husband, and their kids....the eldest (a big soccer fan...6 yrs old!) took the group picture.

a very nice day. ok, i need some aspirin, but today (day 8 morn) it's easy as we're finally heading off to the ERLANGEN COMIC SALON .

i'll give my calf much needed rest for the weekend!



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