Friday, February 12, 2010

book review!!! and the opening HOTWIRE tonite

well friends, it's been a crazy whirlwind week leading up to the HOTWIRE #3 group show opening tonite in my gallery. earlier today an art critic from the Village Voice came to review it. cool huh? sooooo, more to report on the opening later. right now the gallery's clean (nothing short of a miracle), all the art's up, all the wine/beer/and snacks in place, just a few touches to take care of and we're good to go.

on to the graphic novel review of Alex Robinson's To Cool to be Forgotten.
a fantastic graphic novel about hypnosis, smoking, high school, and TIME TRAVEL...well sort of.
Alex really captures some powerful emotions, laffs and heartache with his beautiful cartooning technique and superb storytelling. i HIGHLY recommend this book.

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