Monday, February 22, 2010

bjj, & important comic book news!

lets get it out of the way. my brazilian jiu jitsu instructor Babs Olusanmokun gave me my first promotion a week ago... i have a stripe on my white belt!, now i have to live up to it and train even harder! great!?!

in the comic book world a record was set for the highest price paid EVER for a comic book. get the story here
a slabbed (cgc graded 8.0) of Action comics #1. first appearance of Superman, sold for $1 million smackerooooos~!
nice huh?

coming up in a post soon...why i love canada, winter sports, the winter olympics, and travelling!

and a question to you: should i go on the public access Chess Now
???? it's hokey, and i'm sure to get publicly humilated, but what's the downside?

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