Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hotwire #3 opening party report

The Hotwire opening party is in the bag. Wow...what a phenomenal turn out! It was a cold wintry night, but thanks to all who came. We drank a LOT of wine & beer, and a great time was had by all...don't believe me??!!?? check out the pix!!! Thanks to Glenn Head for all the assistance leading up to the show and for putting the good word out. Also, big up to all the artists in attendance: Chadwick Whitehead, Jayr Pulga, Sam Henderson, Glenn Head, R Sikoryak, & Danny Hellman. , Other news: We're getting reviewed in the Village Voice !! Plus, a big up to my cousins Melissa, Debra, and the surprise visit by Liz (and husband Doug and daughter Alana) all the way from D.C. !!! Minutes before the opening....i had my doubts, i mean the weather sucked and there's still tons of snow on the ground from the recent storm, but then the faithful kept streaming in, and it went off without a hitch. So thanks again to all who came out to make it a memorable evening and thanks again to all the artists for creating such fabulous art.

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