Saturday, January 30, 2010

it's cold outside

after my morning brazilian jiu jitsu class, which was brutal btw, i went back to the union sq farmers market to pick up the Moscovy duck i paid for earlier, from Quatro farms. I can't comment on it yet as it's in fridge for tomorrows dinner * more on that later, but i can comment on their whole chickens that i buy regularly. DELICIOUS!!! and yes, i roast a nice chicken. few things are quite as satisfying as a good roast chicken...and i succumb to it weekly. also picked up some eggs from them. next stop Terhune farms where i bought some Honeycrisp apples, they've been around at the market for a coupla years and their a great variety. sweet and u guessed it...crisp! and then headed over to 3 corner farms where i picked up a rack of lamb, and some of their exquisite cheese. a Brebis, and a Camenbert. Thing is about these folks, that their lamb is superb. best i've ever had. but they also make fantastic cheese. so good, i'm sure they could easily just do just that, and only that...that's how good the cheese is. lastly i went to look for some bacon...but everybody was sold out, so i picked up some bratwurst to go with the waffles marcia made from scratch (as she always does). so, as you can was a good food day. roasted the lamb with a coating of breadcrumbs, olive oil, mustard, rosemary and black pepper. also made some polenta to go along with it. awesome.

tomorrow's looking great too...will let you know how the whole duck comes out !!!

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