Friday, January 22, 2010

book review - INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS by jeffrey brown

chee chu chook~! choo chee chuk !! (one of the sounds change-bots make when they "change" to another form). they're "more than just machines", incredible change-bots are sentient being machines from the planet of Electronocybercircuitron ! if you think that's mouthful, then get ready for a brainful of robots that change from robot form into vehicular form at will! and struggle with the 2 party system much as we do here on earth! if this sounds familiar in anyway (errr the part about machines that change)... it should for this is a loving homage to the Transformers toys and cartoons of the 80's. only spun in a fun and intelligent way counter to the Michael Bay Transformer movies which continue to gross gazillions of $$$.

This epic tale of love & war & betrayal, good vs evil, cool and not so cool has it's teams and players : Awesome Bots & Fantasticons, and the humans which help them.

i love this book, Jeff's adoring treatment of the subject and his unique humor prevails in this sort of cosmic tale. plus the art rocks...

be prepared to be converted!
published by Top Shelf productions

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