Monday, January 25, 2010

bowling HISTORY....kelly kulick

i grew up bowling. carrying my ball to lanes, eventually getting a locker. winning super cool (to a kid) trophies. going to pro shops, getting my first cool shoes, finger tip drilling. watching bowling tournies on t.v. as a kid. seeing legends like Earl Anthony and Mark Roth and marveling at their accomplishments. my high game is 247 ! high 3 game series 603 !(of course...when i bowled that 247). i haven't kept up with bowling over the years (it's prohibitively expensive in NYC) but every now and then i'll watch a little on T.V. and yesterday i happened to luck out and witness history in the making! **Kelly Kulick became the first woman to ever WIN a PBA tourney!!! and she did it in style crushing her worthy opponent Chris Barnes. This wasn't just any tourney tho, this was THE TOURNEMENT OF CHAMPIONS !!! a major in bowling.

so BIG BIG PROPS to KELLY !!! you GO GIRL !!!

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Kornicus said...

Kudos to Kelly and Kudos to you for Blogging. looking forward to future installments