Wednesday, November 4, 2009

movie questions

what does boston, judd nelson, italian mobsters, irish tuff guys, and EVAN EDER (my brother) have in common?
The Boondock Saints ll : All Saints Day !!!
yes, my kid brother has finally gotten himself into something there's no escape from. he successfully weaseled his way into this storied cult classic franchise by scoring 3 songs in this epic B movie !!!! and that music is gracing several scenes including the final all out shootout sequence.
so, see this !@%%**@#$^ fun movie.
kid bro evan, might actually make a penny from it someday.
we'll see!!!!
i liked it. reality suspended. music vid style not withstanding...a very good cast tho.

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Ser humano ou ser gente? said...

Hey, Scott Eder (if its your realname.. i'm just kinding!!)

I don't know you, i just found your blog here and I think its interesting!
But I want to know one think: what makes you write? And why did you decide to create this thing?


bye bye