Wednesday, November 18, 2009


went to a special nearly secret show of Jack White's band THE DEAD WEATHER. well, it features musicians from the Raconteurs, the Kills, and QotSA.

fabulous show at Music Hall in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
we (micah & i) got there, had a beer and hung out in the lounge until the opening act came on, a grunge outfit from Australia called Violent Soho with all the flannel trimmings. not bad, not very original either.

then we waited for The Dead Weather to come on...the roadies very neatly dressed with suit & tie and of course, those hip little retro hats i could never rock properly. they prepared the stage, and the band came on and played promptly at 10pm. Unlike in his White Stripes roll, Jack plays drums in this band. at first i'll admit i felt like i was kind of settling for seeing him as a drummer. i mean it isn't his main instrument right? well, even if he hadn't picked up the guitar for 2 songs (!!!...easily and arguably the best performer of his generation), i would have been very impressed and satisfied with the show sans his guitar. He's a very solid drummer. and just as good a performer behind the kit as he is when he's fronting.

This was a VERY memorable rock show. i'm lucky to have seen it.


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