Friday, November 13, 2009

KINGHELL in concert!!! nov 16th @ Santos House Party 96 Lafayette

yes. KINGHELL plays again....there will be rejoicing! there will be metal, costumes, and a good time. nov 16th @ Santos House Party 96 Lafayette st, nyc.

in addition to this they forwarded me the image and critiques to one of the worst metal album covers of ALL TIME !!!! thank you Raven...without you, i wouldn't have laffed so hard today.

#2 - Raven: The Pack Is Back

Raven - The Pack Is Back album

A warning to all you former football jocks who got off on stuffing dweebs in lockers: They're all grown up, they're coming for you, and they're completely deranged. We've seen homeless nuts who look more coherent than Raven. The two on the left and right are so far gone they put their Fruit Of The Loom and banana hammock undies on over their tights. And center stage we have Space Admiral Barney. We're betting the pack were shortly back in a locked ward.

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