Thursday, December 29, 2011

holiday's cold outside!

Well, we decided to do a little trip to the Delaware Water Gap (border of New Jersey & Pennsylvania) about 1.5 hrs drive from NYC. We spent 2 nites in a lodge belonging to the Appalachian Mountain Club. It was a bit like camping up there. Very basic, NO frills stuff...but in the heart of the wonderful park along the Appalachian Trail . In case you didn't know ...we're big fans of hiking and camping. A break from the city was needed and this was just what the doctor ordered! We got in 1 really good hike ....because it rained for most of the time. No cel or puter service the whole time (yay)!!! very cozy in the lodge (which sleeps 4 families), but we had it all to our selves. The heat wasn't working for 1 of the days so we were all bundled up to stay warm...but it didn't chill our spirits...we took advantage of the fireplace every nite! I caught up on LOTS of reading (brought my Denis Kitchen a bunch of underground comix, and a mess of New Yorkers!!). AAAAAND, as you could imagine we brought some yummy food to cook while there. We hit up Fairway Market and bought all our staples...The highlight was the NY Strip steaks, pan fried to perfection.....baked potatoes and salad on the side...nice bottle of red wine to accompany.

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