Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you guys know i'm a fight fan...

and that i watch most of the mma events on tv. heck i'm even making an attempt to learn brazilian jiu jitsu (2 classes so far...and man am i SORE!!!!). i've been a big fight fan for years. took judo when i was a kid, took karate in college, and now bjj, and always a fan of watching the related sports from olympic wrestling to pro boxing to mma!
and i'm a kung fu movie fan (and know way too much about that genre) going back MANY years to the days of going to 42nd st to watch triple feature flix in the early 80's. way before the transformed times square of nowadays.

so fast forward to today. listening to howard stern (at work at the gallery), yeah i do that. and Rodney King (yes...of police brutality fame) is being interviewed about his upcoming fight (yes...he's spent all the settlement money) this sept. 11th, and the guy he's fighting Simon "the renegade" Aouad is there being interviewed too. ok, this is funny enuff, all the postering about who's gonna kick who's ass, how big each guy is, and lotsa huffin and puffin about breakin bones, yadda yadda yadda....and then the greatest nugget of hilarity is revealed...and that is if you want to know how bad ass simon is....just watch his workout video on youtube.
OMG this is the funniest thing i've seen since, tropic thunder. i mean BIG CHEERS to the guys who produced this and MORE power to simon for demonstrating how tuff he is.


everything is great about this video. EVERYTHING!
laff away friends....

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